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Wholesale manufacturer Pall filter HC4704FKT8H

Wholesale manufacturer Pall filter HC4704FKT8H
  • Wholesale manufacturer Pall filter HC4704FKT8H
Product code: 1882800001
Unit price: 85-90 CNY
Reference price: 12.36-13.09 USD
Minimum order:
Other info: Per piece
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Material Glass fiber Filter form Folded filter Use Oil impurity
The scope of Filter Applicable objects Lubricant Type High efficiency
Brand East into the filter Working temperature 80 (℃) Maximum differential pressure 0.35 (MPa)
Filtration accuracy 25 Import and export path Standard (mm) Performance Acid and alkali-resistant, high temperature, low temperature resistant, fireproof, waterproof, and other
Raw water pressure 1.6 (KG/ c㎡) Filtration area Telephone enquiries Model HC4704FKT8H
Specifications HC4704FKT8H Flow 4704 Precision 25
Media General hydraulic oil

︱ He Deke ︱ Pall PALL filter filter filter filter filter hydraulic oil filter folded filter core Filter HC4704FKT8H

Supply replacement Pall filter production HC4704FKT8H, Pall PALL filter, East into Henan Xinxiang filter is located in the Central Plains, set the filter element, filter equipment for the research, development, production, sales in one of the modern enterprise, the PALL Pall filter, HYDAC He Deke filters, MAHLE Marla filter, filter PARKER Parker, MP Emerald filter, EPE filter alternatives such as import filters. Dawn hydraulic oil filter, air compressor filter, filter, oil filter. Is the production of research and manufacturing of filter, filter equipment of professional companies. Since the establishment of the company in product development and production has accumulated a wealth of experience, and invested a large amount of funds for technological transformation and renewal of equipment, research and development with in the development of filtration equipment and the ability to filter, the product quality is stable and reliable, and consumers alike. East into the filters can also be based on customer needs, customized to the required specifications and precision filters. Our company timely adjusted their productive capacity and reduced production costs, and enable new and old customers to get the most reasonable prices and high quality products in order to face a highly competitive market. Our ' quality win market integrity quality cast ', dedicated to provide customers and brokers to provide high quality, affordable, beautiful products and technical services, continue to take user comments and suggestions in order to meet the needs of users, your development is Eastern filter to higher goals and hope the power

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