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EL display dumbbell alarm clock | Black

EL display dumbbell alarm clock | Black
  • EL display dumbbell alarm clock | Black
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Morning exercise is very important to people's health. However, people living in the city, After being awakened by alarm clock early in the morning, then begin a whole day's work, have no time to do morning exercise at all. Therefore, in order to force people to morning exercises, This interesting dumbbell alarm clock designed special for theses people who have no time to do morning exercise, It looks exactly like a dumbbell which can force you to do exercise, when the bell ring, If it is in dumbbell alarm mode, need to lift the clock by 30 times to turn off the alarm.

Main Features:

Dumbbell Shaped Alarm Clock

Display time, date

Normal alarm and dumbbell alarm mode

Turn On or off by setting

Requires 2 AAA Batteries (Not Included)


To activate the clock light - swing dumbbell upward to activate light

Normal alarm mode: When the alarm goes off in NORMAL alarm mode, one upward swing of the dumbbell will shut off the alarm

Exercise alarm mode: When the alarm goes off in EXERCISE mode, the LCD screen will display the remain number of lifts necessary to turn off the alarm The clock will count down from 30 after every repetition.

Hold Dumbbell in an upright horizontal position when lifting


Materials: plastic + metal moon

Color: black (red; black; white and pink)

Package measurement: 165mm x 75mm x 75mm (approximately)

SKU: 901959-B15-07-02

Weight: 0.57kg (included package)

Notice:. Color of pictures may vary by different monitor setting All pictures are real stock photos.

Quantity: 1

Works perfectly and creative and fashion in one, this works less and less.

These creative household items makes fun of everyday life greatly increased, not only can help you solve a lot of trivia, it is important to give your life an infinite delight and happiness but also make life more comfortable ..

To move to stop under 30 dumbbell alarm clock 10 global creative award winner

Weak little girl, you can change hands each held under 15, do not give up halfway, oh... To the side of the unitary please him do it right ~ hee hee!

Material: Plastic + metal

Dimensions: Length 16.5cm x Width 7.5cm x 7.5cm high

Speaker output power is 0.25W 50-60 decibel volume

Power supply: two AAA batteries, need to buy their own !!

Condition: New

Weight: 0.7 kg

Colour: Black

SKU: 901959-B15-07-02