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Electronic lava Table | Silver | blue lights

Electronic lava Table | Silver | blue lights
  • Electronic lava Table | Silver | blue lights
Product code: 18811700001
Unit price: 28 CNY  (4.07 USD)
Price unit: Per piece
Minimum order:
Other info: 10KG
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Stainless Steel LED Red Digital Unsex Bracelet Watch

This is a super light LED watch that displays the time as well as month and date.

-Condition: Brand new

-Light: BLUE LED

-Material: Stainless steel

-Band Width: 20mm

-Powered By: CR2032 battery (included)

-Comes With a user manual; detailed setting operations; please refer to the manual

-Color: As pictured

How to read TIME:

Press button A once

The upper two numbers display HOUR (1-12)

The lower two numbers display MINUTE (00-59)

How to read DATE:

Press button A twice

The upper two numbers display MONTH (1-12)

The lower two numbers display DATE (1-31)

How to set time and date?

-Please Refer to the user manual (included in the package)

Table width: 2.6CM surface thickest: about 1.2CM Chain length: about 21CM bracelets thickness: about 0.4CM

Note: LED lights do not always shine, need only press about light, automatic off after a few seconds, which is very energy-efficient design features where say ^ _ ^ another adjustable watch a 12-hour and 24-hour clock.... As tune into 12-hour clock. When the upper left corner pricked lights, indicating the afternoon, otherwise morning, not bad oh as needed. Please tune into 24 hours on OK.

Function: display the time or date; 12H / 24H conversion; AM / PM; 3 seconds dwell state.

Battery: 1 CR2016日本进口电池, when the display of LED lights dimmed, to replace the battery.

Transfer time: (button on the right; the top button for the A key; the following is the B key) pressing the A key to display the current time, then press the B key, hours in the flashing, then press A key hours digital changes, tune the time required to stop; then click the B button, minutes flash, press the A key value is adjusted by pressing the B button turn to adjust the month, day, year, to the desired value of refined alloys...