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East into the filter cartridge supply Pall HC8314FKN16H

East into the filter cartridge supply Pall HC8314FKN16H
  • East into the filter cartridge supply Pall HC8314FKN16H
Product code: 1879800001
Unit price: 80 CNY  (11.63 USD)
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Material glass fiber Filter Type Folded filter use Oil impurities
Scope filter Suitable lubricating oil Types of Efficient
Brand East into the filter Operating temperature 80 (℃) Maximum working pressure 21 (MPa)
Filtration accuracy 6 Caliber 74 (mm) performance Anti-static, waterproof, acid resistance, low temperature, high temperature, alkali
Raw water pressure 1.6 (KG / c ㎡) filter area 0.8 model HC8314FKN16H
specification HC8314FKN16H flow 120 Accuracy 6
medium General hydraulic oil

Pall Filter PALL Pall filter ︱ ︱ HC8314FKN16H filter

My company mainly engaged in import interchange filter series, dawn filter series, air compressor three filter series, coal filter, filter, oil filter and other filtration products.

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(5) air filter series: QUQ C type PAF SAF AF25, AF35, EF25-120

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(1) Portable oil filter BLYJ series BLYJ6-16 (L / min)
(2) High-precision oil filter LUC-B series LUC-32B-100B (L / min)
(3) coalescence dehydration Purifier LUC-J series LUC-J25-200 (L / min)

(4) The explosion-proof box type mobile oil filter FLYC series FLYC-32C-100C (L / min)

(5) ordinary box-type mobile oil filter LYC-A Series LYC-32A-150A (L / min)

(6) The tank comes with a mobile oil filter LYC series LYC-32-100 (L / min)

(7) high solid content oil filter LYC-G Series LYC-32G-100G (L / min)

(8) high-viscosity oil filter GLYC series GLYC-25-80 (L / min)

Since the company to create, is committed to the development and production of filtration products, into advanced production and testing equipment, products strictly, especially in the company's environmental filter series products have been widely used in hydraulic systems, steel rolling equipment, engine machining equipment , petrochemicals, automobiles, construction machinery and other fields.

East into Filter Co., Ltd. is located in central Henan Xinxiang, set the filter element, filtration equipment research, development, production and sales in one of modern enterprises, production PALL Pall filter, HDYAC HYDAC filter, MAHLE Marla filter, PARKER Parker filter, MP emerald filter, EPE import substitution filters and other filter, Dawn hydraulic oil filter, air compressor three filters, filter, oil filter. is the production development and manufacturing filter, filtration equipment, professional company. Since its inception in aspects of the product development and production has accumulated rich experience, and put a lot of funds for technological transformation and equipment renewal, with research and development of various filtration equipment and filter capacity, stable and reliable product quality, the praise of consumers.
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East into the filter HC2252FKP10H-HC2252FKN10H-HC2252FKN19H-HC2252FKP19H
East into the filter HC2253FKN8H-HC2253FKP8H-HC2253FKN16H-HC2253FKP16H
East into the filter HC2254FKN8H-HC2254FKP8H-HC2254FKN16H-HC2254FKP16H
East into the filter HC2256FKN6H-HC2256FKP6H-HC2256FKN10H-HC2256FKP10H
East into the filter HC2257FKN6H-HC2257FKP6H-HC2257FKN10H-HC2257FKP10H
East into the filter HC2285FKN12H-HC2285FKP12H-HC2285FKN15H-HC2285FKP15H
East into the filter HC2295FKN18H-HC2295FKP18H-HC2295FKN136H-HC2295FKP36H
East into the filter HC2618FKN18H-HC2618FKP18H-HC2618FKN36H-HC2618FKPP36H
East into the filter HC6200FKN4H-HC6200FKP4H-HC6300FKN8H-HC6300FKP8H
East into the filter HC6300FKN26H-HC6300FKP26H-HC6300FKN13H-HC6300FKP13H
East into the filter HC6300FKN16H-HC6300FKP16H-HC6400FKN8H-HC6400FKP8H
East into the filter HC6400FKN13H-HC6400FKP13H-HC6400FKN26H-HC6400FKP26H
East into the filter HC6500FKN13H-HC6500FKP13H-HC6500FKN16H-HC6500FKP16H
East into the filter HC6500FKN26H-HC6500FKP26H-HC7400SKS4H-HC7400SKS8H
East into the filter HC7500SKS4H-HC7500SKS8H-HC8200FKN8H-HC8200FKP8H
East into the filter HC8200FKN13H-HC8200FKP13H-HC8200FKN16H-HC8200FKP16H
East into the filter HC8300FKN8H-HC8300FKP8H-HC8300FKN16H-HC8300FKP26H
East into the filter HC8300FKN39H-HC8300FKP39H-HC8314FKP16H-HC8314FKN39H
East into the filter HC8304FKN16H-HC8304FKP16H-HC8304FKN39H-HC8304FKP39H
East into the filter HC8400FKN8H-HC8400FKP8H-HC8400FKN16H-HC8400FKP16H
East into the filter HC8400FKN26H-HC8400FKP26H-HC8400FKN39H-HC8400FKP39H
East into the filter HC8500FKN8H-HC8500FKP8H-HC8500FKN13H-HC8500FKP13H
East into the filter HC8500FKN26H-HC8500FKP26H-HC8700FKN4H-HC8700FKP4H
East into the filter HC8700FKN8H-HC8700FKP8H-HC8900FKN8H-HC8900FKP8H
East into the filter HC8900FKN13H-HC8900FKP13H-HC8900FKN16H-HC8900FKP16H
East into the filter HC8900FKN26H-HC8900FKP26H-HC8900FKN39H-HC8900FKP39H
East into the filter HC8904FKN8H-HC8904FKP8H-HC8904FKN13H-HC8904FKP13H
East into the filter HC8904FKN26H-HC8904FKP26H-HC8904FKN39H-HC8904FKP39H

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