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Pall filter HC9100FKZ8Z replace imported hydraulic oil filter

Pall filter HC9100FKZ8Z replace imported hydraulic oil filter
  • Pall filter HC9100FKZ8Z replace imported hydraulic oil filter
Product code: 1879400001
Unit price: 120 CNY  (17.45 USD)
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Material glass fiber Filter Type Folded filter use Oil impurities
Scope filter Suitable lubricating oil Types of Efficient
Brand East into the filter Operating temperature -20℃-- +110℃ (℃) Maximum working pressure 21 (MPa)
Filtration accuracy 1 Caliber Standard (mm) performance Acid, alkali, high temperature, low temperature, fireproof, waterproof, anti-static
Raw water pressure 1.6 (KG / c ㎡) filter area 54 model HC9100FKZ8Z
specification HC9100FKZ8Z

PALL Pall filter cartridge ︱ ︱ Pall Pall Pall hydraulic oil filter cartridge oil filter HC9100FKZ8Z

East into the filter HC9100FKZ8Z filter Use:

HC9100FKZ8Z filter in the hydraulic system is widely used to filter out the working medium of solid particles and colloidal substances, effective control of pollution of the working medium. HC9100FKZ8Z filter is the filter for imported equipment after the localization of alternative products, Xinxiang City, east into Filter Co., Ltd. production HC9100FKZ8Z cartridge filter made of imported, HC9100FKZ8Z filter performance parameters to achieve the level of similar foreign filter, can replace Pall use.

East into the filter cartridge HC9100FKZ8Z Application:

1. Metallurgy: HC9100FKZ8Z filter for filtering the rolling mill, continuous casting machine hydraulic system of filtration and lubrication equipment

2. mechanical processing equipment: HC9100FKZ8Z filter can be all kinds of machinery, hydraulic systems and lubrication systems

3. HC9100FKZ8Z filter can also be used in petrochemical, textile, thermal power nuclear power, electronics and pharmaceutical industries related hydraulic system.

East into the filter cartridge HC9100FKZ8Z performance indicators:

Filtration accuracy of 1 ~ 25μm

Working Pressure (MAX): 0.6 ~ 42Mpa

Working medium: general hydraulic oil, phosphate ester hydraulic oil, emulsion, water - glycol

Working temperature: -30 ℃ ~ + 110 ℃

East into the filter Pall filter Description:

1. Serial Number: HC9100FKZ8Z-Pall Pall filter HC9100 series

2. Accuracy: FKT-1μm

3. Material: wave fiber filter paper -BN -W stainless steel wire mesh stainless steel sintered mesh filter paper pulp -V -P

The sealing material: Z- NBR fluorine rubber ring D-

East into the filter Pall filter HC9100FKZ8Z PALL Pall filter PPALLHC572FEC9H, HCS630KUN9H, HCS6
30KUP9H, east into the filter HCS630KUS9H, HCS630KUT9H, HC0101FKN36H, HC0101FKP36H, HC2
216FKP6Z, east into the filter HC2216FKS6H, HC2216FKS6Z, HC2216FKT6H, HC2216FKT6Z, HC2217
FKN4H, HC2217FKN4Z, east into the filter HC0101FKS36H, HC0101FKT36H, HC2206FDN3H, HC2206
FDP3H, HC2206FDS3H, HC2206FDT3H, HC2206FDN6H, HC2206FDP6H, HC2206F
DS6H, HC2206FDT6H, HC2207FDN3H, east into the filter HC2207FDP3H, HC2207FDS3H, HC2207FDT
3H, HC2207FDN6H, HC2207FDP6H, east into the filter HC2207FDS6H, HC2207FDT6H, HC2208FKN4Z,
HC2208FKN6H, HC2208FKP6Z, east into the filter HC2208FKP4H, HC2208FKP4Z, HC2208FKS6H, HC
2208FKS6Z, HC2208FKS4H, HC2208FKT4Z, HC2208FKT6H, HC2208FKT6Z, HC2
216FKN4H, HC2216FKN4Z, east into the filter HC2216FKP4H, HC2216FKP4Z, HC2216FKS4H, HC2216
FKS4Z, east into the filter HC2216FKT4H, HC2216FKT4Z, HC2216FKN6H, HC2216FKN6Z, HC2216F
KP6H, HC2253FDN6H, HC2253FDP6H, HC2217FKP4H, HC2217FKP4Z, HC2218FKN
4H, east into the filter HC2218FKN4ZHC2218FKP4H, HC2218FKP4Z, HC2218FKN6H, HC2218FKN6Z.
East into the filter HC2218FKP6H, HC2218FKP6Z, HC2225FDN6H, HC2225FDP6H, HC2225FDN13H, H
C2225FDP13H, east into the filter HC2233FDN6H, HC2233FDP6H, HC2233FDN13H, HC2233FDP13H,
East into a filter HC2235FDN6H, HC2235FDP6H, HC2235FDN13H, HC2235FDP13H, HC2236FDN6H,
East into the filter HC2236FDP6HHC2236FDN13H, HC2236FDP13H, HC2237FDN6H, HC2237FDP6H, HC
2237FDN13H, HC2237FDP13H, HC2238FDN6H, HC2238FDP6H, HC2238FDP13H, H
C2238FDP6H, HC2252FDN6H, HC2252FDP6H, HC2252FDP13H, HC2252FDP6H, HC
2253N6H, east into the filter HC2253P6H, HC6500FKN26H, HC6500FKP26H, HC2257FDN6H, HC225
7FDP6H east into the filter HC2257FDP13H, HC2257FDP6H, HC2285FDN6H, HC2285FDP6H, HC2285FD
N13H, east into the filter HC2285FDP13H, HC2293FDN6H, HC2293FDP6H, HC2293FDN13H, HC2293F
DP13H, east into the filter HC2295FDN6H, HC2295FDP6H, HC2295FDN13H, HC2295FDP13H, HC2544
FKN9H, east into the filter HC2544FKP9H, HC2544FKN19H, HC2544FKP19H, HC2618FDN6H, HC2618
FDP6H east into the filter HC2618FDN13H, HC2618FDP13H, HC6200FKN4H, HC6200FKP4H, HC6200FK
N8H, east into the filter HC6200FKP8H, HC6400FKN8H, HC6400FKP8H, HC6400FKN13H, HC6400FKP
13H, east into the filter HC6400FKN16H, HC6400FKP16H, HC6400FKN26H, HC6400FKP26H, HC6500
FKN13H, east into the filter HC6500FKP13H, HC6500FKN16H, HC6500FKP16H, HC8914FKP13H, HC8
914FKP14H east into the filter HC7400FKN4H, HC7400FKP4H, HC7400FKN8H, HC7400FKP8H, HC7500
FKN4H, east into the filter HC7500FKP4H, HC8200FKP8H, HC8200FKP13H, HC8200FKN26H, HC8300
FKP16H, east into the filter HC8300FKP39H, HC8304FKP16H, HC8304FKP39H, HC8310FKP16H, HC8
310FKP39H, east into the filter HC8314FKP16H, HC8314FKP39H, HC8400FKP8H, HC8400FKP16H, H
C8400FKP26HHC8400FKP39H, HC8500FKP8H, HC8500FKP13H, HC8500FKP26H, H
C8700FKP4H, east into the filter HC8700FKP8H, HC8700FKP13H, HC8800FKP8H, HC8800FKP13H, H
C8800FKP26H, east into the filter HC8900FKP13H, HC8900FKP16H, HC8900FKP26H, HC8900FKP39H
, HC8904FKP8H, east into the filter HC8904FKP13H, HC8904FKP14H, HC8904FKP16H, HC8904FKP2
6H, HC8904FKP39H east into the filter HC9650FKP8H, HC9650FKP16H, HC9651FKP8H, HC9020FKP4
H, HC9020FKP8H, east into the filter HC9021FKP4H, HC9021FKP8H, HC9100FKP8H, HC9100FKP13H,
HC9104FKP8H, east into the filter HC9104FKP13H, HC9300FKP8H, HC9300FKP13H, HC9400FKP13H,
HC9400FKP26H, east into the filter HC9400FKP39H, HC9401FKP8H, HC9401FKP13H, HC9404FKP8H
, HC9404FKP12H East into the filter HC9404FKP13H, HC9404FKP16H, HC9404FKP26H, HC9404FKP3
9H, HC9600FKP4H, east into the filter HC9600FKP8H, HC9600FKP13H, HC9600FKP16H, HC9601FKP4
H, HC9601FKP8H, east into the filter HC9601FKP11H, HC9601FKP13H, HC9601FKP16H, HC9601FKP
21H, HC9604FKP8H, east into the filter HC9604FKP12H, HC9604FKP13H, HC9604FKP16H, HC9604F
KP26H, HC9604FKP39H east into the filter HC9606FKP8H, HC9606FKP13H, HC9651FKP8H

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