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Pall filters HC9801FKN4Z | Manufacturers to mass produce wholesale filter

Pall filters HC9801FKN4Z | Manufacturers to mass produce wholesale filter
  • Pall filters HC9801FKN4Z | Manufacturers to mass produce wholesale filter
Product code: 1878600001
Unit price: 90-95 CNY
Reference price: 13.08-13.8 USD
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Other info: Per piece
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Material Glass fiber Filter form Folded filter Use Oil impurity
The scope of Filter Applicable objects Lubricant Type High efficiency
Brand East into the filter Working temperature 80 (℃) Maximum differential pressure 21 (MPa)
Filtration accuracy 6 Import and export path Standard (mm) Performance Anti-static, waterproof, acid resistance, low temperature resistance, high temperature resistance, alkali resistance
Raw water pressure 1.6 (KG/ c㎡) Filtration area 8 Model HC9801FKN4Z
Specifications HC9801FKN4Z Flow 120 Precision 6
Media General hydraulic oil

Pall PALL filter ︱ ︱ Pall filter HC9801FKN4Z filter

HC9801FKN4Z filter working principle:

Industrial hydraulic oil in use due to various reasons the multiplex where impurities, mechanical impurities are the main impurity, such as air and water, these can cause corrosion to speed up, increased wear and reduced efficiency, make the oil go bad reduced equipment life, severe production accidents caused by oil plug. Concrete pump hydraulic oil filtration and filtering of hydraulic oil of construction machinery, hydraulic oil for hydraulic filtration.

HC9801FKN4Z filter features:

1, good filtration, filter size is uniform to play for 2-200um surface filtration performance.
2, the corrosion resistance, heat resistance, pressure resistance, good resistance to abrasion;
3, filter porosity uniform, precise accuracy of the filter;
4, the filter applies a variety of hydraulic environment; After cleaning you can use, free replacement.

Following East into filter part of the Pall PALL filter type:

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Dong Cheng filter HC2206FDP3H, HC2206FDS3H, HC2206FDT3H, HC2206FDN6H, HC2206FDP6H, HC2206FDS6H, East into the filter HC2206FDT6H, HC2207FDN3H, HC2207FDP3H, HC2207FDS3H, HC2207FDT3H, HC2207FDN6H, East into the filter HC2207FDP6H, HC2207FDS6H, HC2207FDT6H, HC2208FKN4Z, HC2208FKN6H, HC2208FKP6Z, East into the filter HC2208FKP4H, HC2208FKP4Z, HC2208FKS6H, HC2208FKS6Z, HC2208FKS4H, HC2208FKT4Z, HC2208FKT6H, East into the filter HC2208FKT6Z, HC2216FKN4H, HC2216FKN4Z, HC2216FKP4H, HC2216FKP4Z, HC2216FKS4H, HC2216FKS4Z, East into the filter HC2216FKT4H, HC2216FKT4Z, HC2216FKN6H, HC2216FKN6Z, HC2216FKP6H, HC2253FDN6H, East into the filter HC2253FDP6H, HC2217FKP4H, HC2217FKP4Z, HC2218FKN4H, HC2218FKN4Z, HC2218FKP4H, East into the filter HC2218FKP4Z, HC2218FKN6H, HC2218FKN6Z, HC2218FKP6H, HC2218FKP6Z, HC2225FDN6H, East into the filter HC2225FDP6H, HC2225FDN13H, HC2225FDP13H, HC2233FDN6H, HC2233FDP6H, HC2233FDN13H, East into the filter HC2233FDP13H, HC2235FDN6H, HC2235FDP6H, HC2235FDN13H, HC2235FDP13H, HC2236FDN6H, East into the filter HC2236FDP6H, HC2236FDN13H , HC2236FDP13H , HC2237FDN6H , HC2237FDP6H , HC2237FDN13H ,
HC2237FDP13H, East into the filter HC2238FDN6H, HC2238FDP6H, HC2238FDP13H, HC2238FDP6H, HC2252FDN6H, HC2252FDP6H, East into the filter HC2252FDP13H, HC2252FDP6H, HC2253N6H, HC2253P6H, HC6500FKN26H, HC6500FKP26H, Dong Cheng filter HC2257FDN6H, HC2257FDP6H, HC2257FDP13H, HC2257FDP6H, HC2285FDN6H, HC2285FDP6H, East into the filter HC2285FDN13H, HC2285FDP13H, HC2293FDN6H, HC2293FDP6H, HC2293FDN13H, HC2293FDP13H,
HC2295FDN6H, East into the filter HC2295FDP6H, HC2295FDN13H, HC2295FDP13H, HC2544FKN9H,
HC2544FKP9H, East into the filter HC2544FKN19H, HC2544FKP19H, HC2618FDN6H, HC2618FDP6H
HC2618FDN13H, East into the filter HC2618FDP13H, HC6200FKN4H, HC6200FKP4H, HC6200FKN8H,
HC6200FKP8H, East into the filter HC6400FKN8H, HC6400FKP8H, HC6400FKN13H, HC6400FKP13H,
HC6400FKN16H, East into the filter HC6400FKP16H, HC6400FKN26H, HC6400FKP26H, HC6500FKN13H, HC6500FKP13H, HC6500FKN16H, East into the filter HC6500FKP16H, HC8914FKP13H, HC8914FKP14H HC9404FKP13H, HC9404FKP16H, HC9404FKP26H, East into the filter HC9404FKP39H, HC9600FKP4H,
HC9600FKP8H, East into the filter HC9600FKP13H, HC9600FKP16H, HC9601FKP4H, HC9601FKP8H,
HC9601FKP11H, East into the filter HC9601FKP13H, HC9601FKP16H, HC9601FKP21H, HC9604FKP8H,
HC9604FKP12H, East into the filter HC9604FKP13H, HC9604FKP16H, HC9604FKP26H, HC9604FKP39H
HC9606FKP8H, East into the filter HC9606FKP13H, HC9651FKP8H, HC9651FKP16H, HC9654FKP16H,
HC9700FKP8H, East into the filter HC9700FKP9H, HC9700FKP27H, HC9800FKP4H, HC9800FKP8H,
HC9800FKP13H, East into the filter HC9801FKP4H, HC9801FKP8H, HC9801FKP13H, HC9804FKP4H,
HC9804FKP8H, East into the filter HC9901FKP13H, HC9901FKP26H, HC9901FKP39H

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