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Pall filter HC8314FKP16H, HC8314FKP16Z

Pall filter HC8314FKP16H, HC8314FKP16Z
  • Pall filter HC8314FKP16H, HC8314FKP16Z
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Material glass fiber Filter Type Folded filter use Oil impurities
Scope filter Suitable oil Types of Efficient
Brand East into the filter Operating temperature 80 (℃) Maximum working pressure 21 (MPa)
Filtration accuracy 3 Caliber Standard (mm) performance Anti-static, waterproof, acid resistance, low temperature, high temperature, alkali
Raw water pressure 1.0 (KG / c ㎡) filter area 5.89 model HC8314FKP16H
specification HC8314FKP16H flow 8314 Accuracy 3
medium General hydraulic oil

Pall Filter PALL Pall filter ︱ ︱ HC8314FKP16H filter

Pall filter HC8314FKP16H use :

Hydraulic, lubrication system, used to filter the working medium of solid particles and colloidal substances and other pollutants, effectively control the degree of contamination of the working medium, to ensure the normal operation of the system.

Pall filter HC8314FKP16H material :

Using high-quality glass fiber, oil filter, stainless steel, sintered felt filter material processing Filtration: From 1361225. μm?

Pall filter HC8314FKP16H structural strength degree:

1.0Mpa, 2.0Mpa, 16.0Mpa,? 21.0Mpa

PALL filter is the filter for imported equipment after the replacement of domestic products, pollutant carrying capacity, long life cycle.
PALL (PALL) filter has many years of experience in automation, specializing in the production technology for fluid filtration, hydraulic control technology, electronic components and devices measuring technology, is the world famous filter, accumulator, hydraulic valves, electronic products, pipe clamps hydraulic parts manufacturer, solenoid, hydraulic system assembly and other products

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The PALL (PALL) cartridge is installed in the oil in the hydraulic system used to remove the hydraulic system of the elements
Wear metal powder and other mechanical impurities make the oil clean and prolong the life of the hydraulic system; low-pressure system
Column filter also has a bypass valve. When the filter is not replaced, the bypass valve automatically opens, ensure the normal
Operation. At present, the PALL (PALL) Series is the alternative the United States, Germany, Britain, Italy and other countries of similar products
Goods. Is widely used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, aviation, electronic, power, pharmaceutical, environmental protection, nuclear
, The nuclear industry, natural gas, refractories, fire-fighting equipment and other fields.
PALL (PALL) filter cartridge according to the following test standards:
Filter fracture resistance verification by ISO 2941
The structural integrity of the filter according to ISO 2943
Cartridge compatibility verification by ISO 2943
Filter characteristics according to ISO 4572
Filter differential pressure characteristics according to ISO 3968
Flow - differential pressure characteristic test according to ISO 3968
Pall filter HC8314FKP16H effect
1. allows the system to quickly reach and maintain the desired level of fluid cleanliness
2. extend the life of oil
3. reduce bearing wear
For filtering hydraulic station, lubrication station, lubrication oil station, the normal operation of the main system to filter out pollutants, ensure the system.
Filter glass fiber, stainless steel wire mesh, sintered mesh, sintered felt, felt early effect, in effect station, efficient station.
End caps are made of carbon steel, aluminum, plastic and so on.
Sealing materials are nitrile rubber, fluorine rubber.
Filter belong to absolute filtration, filtration ratio greater than 200, a filtration efficiency of 99.5%, which was filtered once to filter out the impurities under certain accuracy of 99.5%.
Filter structure consists of sparse dense, high dirt holding capacity and long service life.

PALL (PALL) filter common models
East into the filter HC0101FKP18H HC0101FKN18H HC0101FKS18H HC0101FKT18H
East into the filter HC0101FKP36H HC0101FKN36H HC0101FKS36H HC0101FKT36H
East into the filter HC2206FKP3H HC2206FKN3H HC2206FKP6H HC2206FKN6H
East into the filter HC2207FKP3H HC2207FKN3H HC2207FKP6H HC2207FKN6H
East into the filter HC2208FKP4H HC2208FKN4H HC2208FKP6H HC2208FKN6H
East into the filter HC2216FKP4H HC2216FKN4H HC2216FKP6H HC2216FKN6H
East into the filter HC2217FKP4H HC2217FKN4H HC2217FKP6H HC2217FKN6H
East into the filter HC2218FKP4H HC2218FKN4H HC2218FKP6H HC2218FKN6H
East into the filter HC2233FKP6H HC2233FKN6H HC2233FKP13H HC2233FKN13H
East into the filter HC2235FKP6H HC2235FKN6H HC2235FKP10H HC2235FKN10H
East into the filter HC2236FKP6H HC2236FKN6H HC2236FKP10H HC2236FKN10H
East into the filter HC2237FKN6H HC2237FK6H HC2237FKN13H HC2237FKP13H
East into the filter HC2238FKN6H HC2238FKP6H HC2238FKN10H HC2238FKP10H
East into the filter HC2252FKP10H HC2252FKN10H HC2252FKN19H HC2252FKP19H
East into the filter HC2253FKN8H HC2253FKP8H HC2253FKN16H HC2253FKP16H
East into the filter HC2254FKN8H HC2254FKP8H HC2254FKN16H HC2254FKP16H
East into the filter HC2256FKN6H HC2256FKP6H HC2256FKN10H HC2256FKP10H
East into the filter HC2257FKN6H HC2257FKP6H HC2257FKN10H HC2257FKP10H
East into the filter HC2285FKN12H HC2285FKP12H HC2285FKN15H HC2285FKP15H
East into the filter HC2295FKN18H HC2295FKP18H HC2295FKN136H HC2295FKP36H
East into the filter HC2618FKN18H HC2618FKP18H HC2618FKN36H HC2618FKPP36H
East into the filter HC6200FKN4H HC6200FKP4H HC6300FKN8H HC6300FKP8H
East into the filter HC6300FKN26H HC6300FKP26H HC6300FKN13H HC6300FKP13H
East into the filter HC6300FKN16H HC6300FKP16H HC6400FKN8H HC6400FKP8H
East into the filter HC6400FKN13H HC6400FKP13H HC6400FKN26H HC6400FKP26H
East into the filter HC6500FKN13H HC6500FKP13H HC6500FKN16H HC6500FKP16H
East into the filter HC6500FKN26H HC6500FKP26H HC7400SKS4H HC7400SKS8H
East into the filter HC7500SKS4H HC7500SKS8H HC8200FKN8H HC8200FKP8H
East into the filter HC8200FKN13H HC8200FKP13H HC8200FKN16H HC8200FKP16H
East into the filter HC8300FKN8H HC8300FKP8H HC8300FKN16H HC8300FKP26H
East into the filter HC8300FKN39H HC8300FKP39H HC8314FKP16H HC8314FKN39H
East into the filter HC8304FKN16H HC8304FKP16H HC8304FKN39H HC8304FKP39H
East into the filter HC8400FKN8H HC8400FKP8H HC8400FKN16H HC8400FKP16H
East into the filter HC8400FKN26H HC8400FKP26H HC8400FKN39H HC8400FKP39H
East into the filter HC8500FKN8H HC8500FKP8H HC8500FKN13H HC8500FKP13H
East into the filter HC8500FKN26H HC8500FKP26H HC8700FKN4H HC8700FKP4H
East into the filter HC8700FKN8H HC8700FKP8H HC8900FKN8H HC8900FKP8H
East into the filter HC8900FKN13H HC8900FKP13H HC8900FKN16H HC8900FKP16H
East into the filter HC8900FKN26H HC8900FKP26H HC8900FKN39H HC8900FKP39H
East into the filter HC8904FKN8H HC8904FKP8H HC8904FKN13H HC8904FKP13H
East into the filter HC8904FKN26H HC8904FKP26H HC8904FKN39H HC8904FKP39H
East into the filter HC9020FKN4H HC9020FKP4H HC9020FKN8H HC9020FKP8H
East into the filter HC9021FKN4H HC9021FKP4H HC9021FKN8H HC9021FKP8H
East into the filter HC9100FKN4H HC9100FKP4H HC9100FKN8H HC9100FKP8H
East into the filter HC9100FKN13H HC9100FKP13H HC9104FKN8H HC9104FKP8Z
East into the filter HC9104FKN13H HC9104FKP13Z HC9104FKN16H HC9104FKP16Z
East into the filter HC9400FKN13H HC9400FKP13H HC9400FKN26H HC9400FKP26H