Network Power Combo mine | Monitor Combo mine | webcams lightning arrester

Network Power Combo mine | Monitor Combo mine | webcams lightning arrester

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: Star Shield
  • Model: WXD201NP-12 / 24V or WXD201NP-220V

Warning: now appeared on the market a lot of fake Five Star Shield brand The SPD, the appearance of imitation of a kind of mold, but which are all used lightning or no lightning tube tube seriously damaged the interests of consumers. I hope we can look for the five-star brand shield mine, good quality, repeat customers a lot of.

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There are many kind of very cheap knockoff on the market at that time may be used, but a long time of it, the quality is not stable, customer response to a thunder, sometimes with an image, the image sometimes not, the quality difference may think with knowledge, it is because the cottage cheaper products, in order to pursue the interests of the poor with BNC connector, we are using pure copper BNC head BNC head is a difference of several dollars, and some customers say that the difference between the SPD are not used, and with a bad mood. I often say to the customer, this in order to save you some money, and sometimes even the sale of the oil money to drive more than that, you say, the pro?

★ This product is divided into 12
/24VAnd 220V two kinds, respectively, applicable to different voltage, you need to select, contact photographed Customer Notes. ★

Special Warning: It is now out of the market Now that there is a serious 0-220V Universal lightning does not meet specifications lightning phenomenon, 12V 24V can be used in The 220V power supply, lightning protection products, how can child's play , Please choose Lynx authentic, the company acts sale Rear Guaranteed.

Five Star Shield network power combo 12V / 24V SPD Model: WXD201NP-12 / 24V take pictures

Five Star Shield network 220V Power Combo mine WXD201NP-220V take pictures

Integrated multi-function mine, can network, signal lines are lightning network transmission systems, making it against induced over-voltage, and over-voltage damage caused by electrostatic discharge.

main feature:
1. Flow capacity, fast response
2. Multi-level protection circuit, residual depression
3. The core components of selected international brand products, excellent performance
4. ground through a special process to avoid signal interference
5. Small size, easy installation
6. Lightning with power failure LED indication

Installation and maintenance:
Input as an input, Output as an output, the input transmission line termination, output termination equipment to be protected.
Lightning protection systems and grounding wire to the ground bus reliable connection. Protector as close as possible to the protected equipment.
Protection no special maintenance, such as by a high voltage, lightning damage, (when the LED light is off, has lost lightning protection) please change.