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Network power supply combo lightning protection device | Surveillance lightning protection device | IP Camera Surge Arrester

Network power supply combo lightning protection device | Surveillance lightning protection device | IP Camera Surge Arrester
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Product parameters:

  • Brand: Five Star shield
  • Model: WXD201NP-12 / 24V or WXD201NP-220V

Warning: There is a lot of counterfeiting on the market Five Star shield brand Of the lightning protection device, the appearance of the imitation of a mold like, but which are all second-hand anti-detonator or no lightning protection tube. a lot of.

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★ This product is divided into 12
/24VAnd 220V two, respectively, for different voltages, please choose according to need, photographed contact Customer service notes

Special Warning: Now the market out Is the kind of 0-220V general lightning arrester there is a serious phenomenon does not meet the lightning protection norms, 12V 24V can be used in 220V power supply, lightning protection products can play , Please select the day cat genuine, the company acts for sale Rear Guaranteed.

Five-star shield network power combo 12V / 24V lightning protection device Model: WXD201NP-12 / 24V shooting pictures

Five-star shield network power combo 220V lightning protector WXD201NP-220V shooting pictures

Scope of application:
Integration of multi-function mine, network transmission system can be the network, the signal line lightning protection from over-voltage sensors, operating over-voltage and electrostatic discharge caused by damage.

main feature:
1. Flow capacity, fast response
2. Using multi-level protection circuit, residual voltage is low
3. Selection of core components of international brand products, excellent performance
4. Ground point through a special process, to avoid signal interference
5. Small size, easy installation
6. Lightning failure with power LED indication

Installation and maintenance:
Input is input, Output is output, input is connected to transmission line, output is connected to protected device.
Ground wire and lightning protection system grounding bus to be reliable connection. Protector as close to the protected equipment.
Protector without special maintenance, such as high voltage, lightning damage, (LED indicator is off, that has lost the lightning protection function), please replace.