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Repair of the table combination tool

Repair of the table combination tool
  • Repair of the table combination tool
Product code: 18758300001
Unit price: 67 CNY  (9.75 USD)
Price unit: Per piece
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Other info: 55KG
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Watch Repair Tool Kit Case Opener Link Remover Spring Bar Tool w / Carrying Case

This tool set contains the following common watch repair tools:

One three-pin case opener (pin spacing adjustable)
One case of pins (12 pins total, 4 different styles)
Three pin punch (0.8mm, 0.9mm, and 1.0mm)
Three screwdrivers (1.2mm, 1.4mm, and 1.6mm)
One spring bar removal tool
One pair of tweezers
One case opening knife
One case holder
One link remover
A free hammer is also included.

A Nylon carry case is included for conveniently storing the tools.

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Case Dimensions 4 x 8 x 2 '
Weight 17 Ounces
Stainless steel
Items Included

Beginner 13 Set watch lovers Sets
1. The legs open table spoon: Open the bottom cover and tighten the screws bud directly aligned with the tool in front of the bottom cover the gap of two feet turn right direction you can easily open the watch case back.
2. The open end of a knife: press one end of the watch case back must be used tool for prying the bottom knife.
3. The split strap device: If your watch is new, then removed when the strap is most convenient to use it.
4. Bars Batch: Bars dedicated to dismantling strap watch case and between, or the belt is best to use a raw ear.
5. The red Pliers: disassembly is inevitable to use the pliers watches, such as the demolition of strap in the starting folder to folder, pins, etc.

6. Fold strap plastic seat: when the demolition watch chain, will watch chain sandwiched plastic seat racks very easily on the strap fitted or disassembled.
7. No. red handle Phillips screwdriver: for internal assembly and disassembly of mechanical purposes.
8. The ten sub screwdriver handle black trumpet: for the dismantling of small parts in the table.
9. Small rubber hammer: after the demolition of the strap used to beat when installed hands, can also be used in other places needed.
10. Small punch three: a thimble with ...
11. Tsim Tsui tweezers: for clamping and some accessories and other small parts, etc.
12: Torx ride: removable bracelet when they have to use it frequently.

Beginner 13 Set watch lovers suits, welcome to watch workers buy
This set of tools can easily give some watches hobby or professionals who use (Simple) can open exchange of electronic watches; Demolition strap length; enjoy
Watches built structure and some other simple actions can make repairs simple external fault!
Is your ideal choice !!!
Usage: special tools provide professionals (Simple) !!