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East into the filter supply Pall filter HC9650FUP8Z

East into the filter supply Pall filter HC9650FUP8Z
  • East into the filter supply Pall filter HC9650FUP8Z
Product code: 1875600001
Unit price: 75-80 CNY
Reference price: 10.9-11.63 USD
Minimum order:
Other info: Per piece
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Material glass fiber Filter Type Folded filter use Oil impurities
Scope filter Suitable lubricating oil Types of Efficient
Brand East into the filter Operating temperature 80 (℃) Maximum working pressure 0.03 (MPa)
Filtration accuracy 3 Caliber Inquiries (mm) performance Anti-static, waterproof, acid resistance, low temperature, high temperature, alkali
Raw water pressure 1.6 (KG / c ㎡) filter area 8 model HC9650FUP8Z
specification HC9650FUP8Z flow 120 Accuracy 3
medium General hydraulic oil

Pall Filter PALL Pall filter ︱ ︱ HC9650FUP8Z filter

HC9650FUP8Z filter Photo Gallery:

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914FKP14H HC7400FKN4H east into the filter HC7400FKP4H HC7400FKN8H HC7400FKP8H HC7500
FKN4H HC7500FKP4H east into the filter HC8200FKP8H HC8200FKP13H HC8200FKN26H HC8300
FKP16H HC8300FKP39H HC8304FKP16H east into the filter HC8304FKP39H HC8310FKP16H

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