Leash black

Leash black

Product description:

Adjustable Tactical Pistol Hand Gun Secure Spring Lanyard Sling w/ Belt Velcro Outdoor Combat Gear

Product Features:
Single point pistol sling
Uses metal hook to attach on an air-soft pistol or similar configuration
And fixes on the tactical belt/ vest/ pants ear by velcro at the other end
Widely used by military personnel for anti-thief or anti-lost of the gun
And gives hands free& quick access for weapon operations
Formed of rigid stainless steel inner and heavy duty nylon
Not easy to be cut off or snap break
Retractable design adds flexibility
Applied on various pistols for emergency

Product Specifications:
Cable length: 54cm (coiled)
Color: black

Package Contents:
1 x Tactical Pistol Gun Spring Sling