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New Goggles

New Goggles
  • New Goggles
Product code: 18748900001
Unit price: 35 CNY  (5.08 USD)
Price unit: Per piece
Minimum order:
Other info: 4KG
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Versatile goggles with reflective lens and unique frame
Reflective clear black lens for strong light reflection use in snowfield or sand
Protect the eyes from strong light & wind harms while provides clear viewing
Lightweight, anti-impact and scratch resistant lens
With soft foam gasket supporting nose and forehead
And elastic headband for fitting head in different sizes
Eyeglasses Size: 160 x 52 x 15 (L x W x T)
Strap Length: 45 cm
-Frame: As pictures
-Lens: Clear black
-Strap: As pictures

Package Included:
1 x Goggles


UV; surface hardening treatment; impact resistance; easy to scratch; after lens coating with anti-UVA (UVA), UVB (ultraviolet B), UVC (UV-C) 100% functional.

Large soft face seal, so that is very comfortable to wear, adjustable elastic band, for a variety of facial needs.

Screen open can block strong winds, snow grains, fog and a variety of light.

Ergonomic design, space ventilation, more secure without metal attachment, having excellent flexibility performance.

• protection design to prevent dust and sand from the sides or top of the incident;

• riding, hiking, skiing, desert, hunting, field protection apply.

Glasses Size: 160 * 52 * 15 (length x width x thickness)

Tape Length: 45 cm


- Box: FIG.

- Lens: Transparent Black

- Strap: As shown

Package Includes:

1 x Goggles