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Benevolent invincible slingshot

Benevolent invincible slingshot
  • Benevolent invincible slingshot
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Other info: 18KG
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Stainless Steel Velocity Slingshot Hunting Catapult

Just buy one and bring back great and unique childhood memories of you !!

Main Feature:

This sling shot features tempered steel yoke and arm support

High quality tubular thrust bands (Beige or gray color, send randomly)

Arm support designed for comfort & greater velocity

Comes with five bullets

The hunting sling features durable steel arms, which hold up to touch daily use

The sling shot is perfect for hunting and target practice in summer; the sling shot is also a remarkable weapon; provided of course it is utilized in a correct and responsible manner

The high powered best slingshot is also perfect for target practice; camping; or competitions with your friends

Compact; light; easy to carry; this is the best slingshot you've ever seen


Strong elastic, top anti-rust and compact

Made of stainless steel, durable enough for daily use

Y-type stainless steel slingshot

Ergonomic and anti-slip handle for easy holding


Attach a paper target to a line of twine tied at shoulder height. Make sure that there are no buildings or people behind the target, and no hard surfaces that might cause your shot to ricochet

Stand 15 feet away from the target. Grip the slingshot base with your non dominant hand. If there is a support strap, tie this around your wrist or rest it above your wrist, depending on the model

Load the shot with your dominant hand. Pinch the leather pouch around the ammunition to hold it in place

Raise the slingshot to shoulder height with a straightened arm and aim at the center of the target

Pull back the shot 12 to 14 inches and release. Make note of your accuracy and adjust accordingly. You may need to raise or lower your arm, or to adjust the pull distance of the leather pouch

Practice at different distances until you have achieved accuracy. Be prepared to practice for many hours before reaching this point


Enter the woods early in the morning or just before dusk. This is when forest creatures are most active, as the middle portion of the day is usually reserved for napping. Note that as you walk, you will spook nearby animals, so walk quietly and softly

Listen for the sounds of prey: the acorn gnawing or chattering of squirrels, the flutter of grouse or partridge wings, and the rhythmic hop of rabbits Another option is to rest against a tree and wait for the forest to come alive around you Try.. not to move, and within 15 to 20 minutes you should see squirrels and birds return to the area

Locate a target and slowly pull back the sling shot. You may need to adjust position to have a decent shot. Do so quietly and slowly

Release your shot. If you score a hit, wait a few minutes before approaching the target, as it may be in a rather hostile mood. If you miss, quietly rearm your sling and fire again


Weight: 18 g

Size: 15.8 * 9.5 * 1 cm (L X W X T)
Handle length: approx. 9cm


1 x Metal Slingshot

5 x Bullets (Free Gift)


Not for children under age 14 years

Slingshots are NOT toys. For maximum safety and enjoyment always exercise caution, common sense and safety rules when shooting.

Never aim or draw in the direction of a person or anything you do not want to harm.

Always have a full view of the path to the target and beyond when shooting.

Always wear safety glasses when shooting your slingshot.

Benevolent invincible slingshot