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HC9020FKP8H Pall filter hydraulic oil filter hydraulic system filters

HC9020FKP8H Pall filter hydraulic oil filter hydraulic system filters
  • HC9020FKP8H Pall filter hydraulic oil filter hydraulic system filters
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Material glass fiber Filter Type Folded filter use Oil impurities
Scope filter Suitable lubricating oil Types of Efficient
Brand East into the filter Operating temperature 80 (℃) Maximum working pressure 21 (MPa)
Filtration accuracy 3 Caliber 74 (mm) performance Anti-static, waterproof, acid resistance, low temperature, high temperature, alkali
Raw water pressure 1.6 (KG / c ㎡) filter area 0.8 model HC9020FKP8H
specification HC9020FKP8H flow 120 Accuracy 3
medium General hydraulic oil

Pall Filter PALL Pall filter ︱ ︱ HC9020FKP8H filter

HC9020FKP8H Pall filter hydraulic oil filter hydraulic system filters

Hydraulic oil filter is used to filter all kinds of oil outside of the system or systems running mixed internally generated solid impurities, mainly installed suction on the way in the system, the pressure oil on the road, return pipe road, next to the road, a separate filtration system.

HC9020FKP8H filter Use:

Industrial hydraulic oil during use due to various reasons some impurities into the mix, the main impurity mechanical impurities, water and air, these magazines can cause corrosion accelerated increase mechanical wear, reduced work efficiency, reduce oil deterioration equipment life, will produce serious accidents caused by oil plug. concrete pump hydraulic oil filter, engineering machinery, hydraulic oil filter, hydraulic oil filter hydraulic station.

HC9020FKP8H filter main parameters and characteristics:

The hydraulic system used to protect a particular element, installed in the pressure line upstream element to be protected in order to filter out the working medium of solid particles and colloidal substances, effective control of pollution of the working medium, and component work. hydraulic oil filter mainly stainless steel wire mesh, sintered wire mesh, iron preparation network, as a material, due to the media it uses are mainly glass fiber filter paper, synthetic paper, wood pulp paper, so it has concentric rate, to withstand pressure , straight is good, stainless steel, without any glitches, to ensure long life characteristics, its configuration is made of a single layer or multi-layer metal mesh and filter, use it in the specific number of layers constituting the screen The mesh according to different conditions and uses.

Here are some of Pall PALL East into the filter cartridge models are available:

East into the filter PALL Pall filter PPALLHC572FEC9H, HCS630KUN9H, HCS6 30KUP9H, HCS630KUS9H, HCS630KUT9H. East into the filter HC0101FKN36H, HC0101FKP36H, HC2 216FKP6Z, HC2216FKS6H, HC2216FKS6Z, HC2216FKT6H. East into the filter HC2216FKT6Z, HC2217 FKN4H, HC2217FKN4Z, HC0101FKS36H, HC0101FKT36H, HC2206FDN3H. East into the filter HC2206 FDP3H, HC2206FDS3H, HC2206FDT3H, HC2206FDN6H, HC2206FDP6H, HC2206F DS6H. East into the filter HC2206FDT6H, HC2207FDN3H, HC2207FDP3H, HC2207FDS3H, HC2207FDT 3H, HC2207FDN6H. East into the filter HC2207FDP6H, HC2207FDS6H, HC2207FDT6H, HC2208FKN4Z, HC2208FKN6H, HC2208FKP6Z. East into Filters HC2208FKP4H, HC2208FKP4Z, HC2208FKS6H, HC 2208FKS6Z, HC2208FKS4H, HC2208FKT4Z. East into the filter HC2208FKT6H. East into the filter HC2208FKT6Z, HC2 216FKN4H, HC2216FKN4Z, HC2216FKP4H, HC2216FKP4Z, HC2216FKS4H. East into the filter HC2216 FKS4Z, HC2216FKT4H, HC2216FKT4Z, HC2216FKN6H, HC2216FKN6Z, HC2216F KP6H. East into a filter HC2253FDN6H, HC2253FDP6H, HC2217FKP4H, HC2217FKP4Z, HC2218FKN 4H, HC2218FKN4ZHC2218FKP4H. East into the filter HC2218FKP4Z, HC2218FKN6H, HC2218FKN6Z, HC2218FKP6H, HC2218FKP6Z, HC2225FDN6H. East into the filter HC2225FDP6H, HC2225FDN13H, H C2225FDP13H, HC2233FDN6H, HC2233FDP6H, HC2233FDN13H. East a filter HC2233FDP13H, HC2235FDN6H, HC2235FDP6H, HC2235FDN13H, HC2235FDP13H, HC2236FDN6H. East into the filter HC2236FDP6HHC2236FDN13H, HC2236FDP13H, HC2237FDN6H, HC2237FDP6H, HC 2237FDN13H. East into the filter HC2237FDP13H, HC2238FDN6H, HC2238FDP6H, HC2238FDP13H, H C2238FDP6H. East into a filter HC2252FDN6H, HC2252FDP6H, HC2252FDP13H , HC2252FDP6H, HC 2253N6H, HC2253P6H. East into the filter HC6500FKN26H, HC6500FKP26H, HC2257FDN6H, HC225 7FDP6HHC2257FDP13H, HC2257FDP6H. East into a filter HC2285FDN6H, HC2285FDP6H, HC2285FD N13H, HC2285FDP13H, HC2293FDN6H, HC2293FDP6H. East into the filter HC2293FDN13H, HC2293F DP13H, HC2295FDN6H, HC2295FDP6H. East into the filter HC2295FDN13H, HC2295FDP13H, HC2544 FKN9H, HC2544FKP9H, HC2544FKN19H. East into the filter HC2544FKP19H, HC2618FDN6H, HC2618 FDP6HHC2618FDN13H, HC2618FDP13H, HC6200FKN4H. East into the filter HC6200FKP4H, HC6200FK N8H, HC6200FKP8H, HC6400FKN8H, HC6400FKP8H, HC6400FKN13H. East into the filter HC6400FKP 13H, HC6400FKN16H, HC6400FKP16H, HC6400FKN26H. East into the filter HC6400FKP26H, HC6500 FKN13H, HC6500FKP13H, HC6500FKN16H. East into the filter HC6500FKP16H, HC8914FKP13H, HC8 914FKP14HHC7400FKN4H. East into the filter HC7400FKP4H, HC7400FKN8H, HC7400FKP8H, HC7500 FKN4H, HC7500FKP4H, HC8200FKP8H. East into the filter HC8200FKP13H, HC8200FKN26H , HC8300 FKP16H, HC8300FKP39H, HC8304FKP16H. East into the filter HC8304FKP39H, HC8310FKP16H, HC8 310FKP39H

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