Dual Band small whistle

Dual Band small whistle

Product description:

New FLEX Plastic Double-frequency Whistle Orange

Brand new double-frequency whistle
This double-frequency whistle is great for use in the field with a lower pitched sound that carries farther.
High-impact plastic and assembled by hand to ensure quality and regularity of tone.
Lightweight, easy and convenient to carry
Designed double-frequency could send out three type voice.
Run resistant design for Mouthpiece.
Integration design, solid and reliable
Color: Orange
Material: Plastic
Size: 70mm x 20mm x 15mm

Package Included:
1 x Double-frequency Whistle

The new outdoor survival whistle, the quality is very good, you can string a rope hanging in the backpack, also can buckle in any backpack webbing buckle think, is you ALICE outdoor sports equipment essential key moments, small things big as! 'Good package must have top accessories to match!'

The design is in place a survival whistle

After testing, the performance is very outstanding strongly recommend!

1, dual-band design about sounding different size on both sides of the chamber, while generating high-frequency sound, to ensure that the different environment, under conditions with excellent penetration.

2, anti-off whistle mouth design can not hand, do not worry airflow mouth latch onto the whistle blow out.

3. aloud effortless. Survive, must pay attention to your energy when you help, good survival whistle can easily speak out. Some products on the market, although loud sound, it is not easy to speak out.

4, one design, rugged and reliable.