HC7400FKN4H pall Pall filter cartridge

HC7400FKN4H pall Pall filter cartridge

Product description:

Material glass fiber Filter Type Folded filter use Oil impurities
Scope filter Suitable lubricating oil Types of Efficient
Brand East into the filter Operating temperature 0-100 (℃) Maximum working pressure 21 (MPa)
Filtration accuracy 10 Caliber Inquiries (mm) performance Anti-static, waterproof, acid resistance, low temperature, high temperature, alkali
Raw water pressure 1.6 (KG / c ㎡) filter area 3.15 model HC7400FKN4H
specification HC7400FKN4H flow 120 Accuracy 6
medium General hydraulic oil

HC7400FKN4H Filter PALL Pall filter hydraulic oil filter to replace imported products Pall filter specifications

HC7400FKN4H filter Use:

Mainly used in the hydraulic system, used to filter the working medium of solid particles and colloidal substances, effective control of the working medium pollution, to purify the role of media. Material easily damaged filter used, please pay attention when in use Care and maintenance. always replace, has reached to increase service life. filter media larger particles, purification materials, machinery and equipment to make to normal operation, improve efficiency

HC7400FKN4H filter Delivery:

Delivery: I order according to the customer to determine the final number, I They default Logistics is Nadu logistics, default courier: through courier and STO .

About Invoice: Our invoice type is 17% of the value-added tax. Generally invoice accompanied with the goods, if the month has been exhausted invoice, we will first customer shipments, invoices will be reissued in early next month.

HC7400FKN4H filter test:

ISO 2941 filter - crack resistance test

ISO 2942 filter - to determine the structural integrity

ISO 2943 filter - material and liquid compatibility test to determine

ISO 3723 Filter elements - Method for end load test

ISO 3724 Filter elements - Determination of fatigue properties

ISO 3968 Filter elements - Determination of differential pressure flow characteristics

ISO 4572 Filter elements - Determination of filter characteristics repeatedly by law

Here are some of Pall PALL East into the filter cartridge models are available:

HC2296KFP14H50 east into the East into the filter filter HC2296KFP14H100 HC2206FKP3H filter HC2196FKN4H50 HC2296FKN14H50 HC2216FKS6H east into the East into the filter HC2296FKN14H100 east into the East into the filter filter HC2207FDP3H HC2216FKT6H HC2196FKS4H50 east into the East into the filter filter HC2296FKS14H50 HC2296FKS14H100

HC2206FKN3H east into the East into the filter filter HC2217FDP14H HC2196FKT4H50 filter HC2296FKT36H100 HC2206FKP8H HC2296FKT36H50 east into the East into the filter HC2233FKP10H east into the East into the filter filter HC2246FKP6H50 HC2196FKP4H100 HC2226FKN6H100 east into the East into the filter filter HC2206FKN8H HC2233FKN10H HC2246FKN6H50 east into the East into the filter filter HC2196FKN4H100 HC2226FKS6H100

HC2196FKS6H100 east into the East into the filter filter HC2246FKT6H100 HC2216FKN4H filter HC2246FKT10H50 HC2196FKT6H100 HC2233FKP13H east into the East into the filter HC2246FKP10H100 east into the East into the filter filter HC2217FDT4H HC2233FKN13H HC2286FKP12H50 east into the East into the filter filter HC2226FKP4H100 HC2246FKN10H100

HC2216FKS4H east into the East into the filter filter HC2237FDT13H HC2286FKN12H50 filter HC2246FKS10H100 HC2216FKT4H HC2226FKN4H100 east into the East into the filter HC2233FKS13H east into the East into the filter filter HC2286FKS12H50 HC2226FKS4H100 HC2246FKT10H100 east into the East into the filter filter HC2217FDP6H HC2233FKT13H HC2286FKT12H50 east into the East into the filter filter HC2226FKT4H100 HC2286FKP12H100

HC2216FKP6H east into the East into the filter filter HC2226FKP6H100 HC2286FKN12H100

HC2216FKN6H east into the East into the filter filter HC2286FKS12H100 HC2286FKT12H100

HC2235FKN10 east into the East into the filter filter HC2235FKN15 HC2235FKN6 HC2235FKP10 East into the filter HC2235FKP15 HC2235FKP6 HC2235FKS10 HC2235FKS15 HC2235FKS6 HC2235FKT10 HC2226FKS6H50 East into the filter

Pall filter HC2296FKS18H50 East into the filter HC4704FKP16H hydraulic oil filter HC4754FKP16H HC6200FKT4H pall Pall filter cartridge HC8304FKN16H east into the filter HC8314FKN16H pall filter HC8400FKS16H hydraulic oil filter HC8900FDS26H HC8900FKS26H filter cartridge HC8900FKT39H replace imported filter HC8904FKN16H

HC8904FKS39H dawn HC9021FDP8H Pall filter cartridge HC9100FKZ8Z HYDAC filter HC9404FKS39H Marla HC9600FKN8H Song of Solomon filter cartridge filter HC9600FKN16H EPE HC9600FKN13H emerald green filter cartridge HC9604FKS13H large HC9800FKN8H HC831439H INTERNORMEN filter cartridge HCY-8300EOM26HYK Vickers UE319AS08H UE619AS40H high flow water filters

HC2296KFP14H50 HC2296KFP14H HC2206FKP3H HC2216FKS6H HC2196FKN4H HC2296FKN14H HC2207FDP3H HC2216FKT6H HC2196FKS4H HC2296FKS14H HC2296FKN14H HC2296FKS14H HC2206FKN3H HC2217FDP14H HC2196FKT4H50 HC2296FKT36H50 HC2296FKT36H100 HC2206FKP8H HC2233FKP10H HC2246FKP6H50 HC2196FKP4H100 HC2226FKN6H100 HC2206FKN8H HC2233FKN10H HC2246FKN6H50 HC2196FKN4H100 HC2196FKS6H HC2246FKT6H100 HC2216FKN4H HC2233FKP13H HC2246FKT10H50 HC2196FKT6H100 HC2246FKP10H100 HC2217FDT4H HC2233FKN13H HC2286FKP12H50 HC2226FKP4H100 HC2246FKN10H HC2216FKS4H HC2237FDT13H HC2286FKN12H50 HC2226FKN4H100 HC2246FKS10H100 HC2216FKT4H HC2233FKS13H HC2286FKS12H50 HC2226FKS4H HC2246FKT10H HC2217FDP6H HC2233FKT13H HC2286FKT12H50 HC2226FKT4H HC2286FKP12H100 HC2216FKP6H HC2226FKP6H100 HC2286FKN12H HC2216FKN6H HC2286FKS12H HC2286FKT12H100 HC2235FKN10H HC2235FKN15H HC2235FKN6H HC2235FKP10H HC2235FKP15H HC2235FKP6H HC2235FKS10H HC2235FKS15H HC2235FKS6H HC2235FKT10H HC2226FKS6H50 HC2296FKS18H50 HC4704FKP16H HC6200FKT4H HC8304FKN16H

UE319AZ08H, UE319AZ08Z, UE319AZ13H, UE319AZ13Z, UE319AZ20H, UE319AZ20Z

UE319AZ40H, UE319AZ40Z, UE319AP08H, UE319AP08Z, UE319AP13H, UE319AP13Z

UE319AP20H, UE319AP20Z, UE319AP40H, UE319AP40Z, UE319AN08H, UE319AN08Z

UE319AN13H, UE319AN13Z, UE319AN20H, UE319AN20Z, UE319AN40H, UE319AN40Z

, UE319AS08Z, UE319AS13H, UE319AS13Z, UE319AS20H, UE319AS20Z

UE319AS40H, UE319AS40Z, UE319AT08H, UE319AT08Z, UE319AT13H, UE319AT13Z

UE319AT20H, UE319AT20Z,, UE319AT40ZUE619 series

UE619AZ20H, UE619AZ20Z, UE619AZ40H, UE619AZ40Z, UE619AP20H, UE619AP20Z UE619AP40H, UE619AP40Z, UE619AN20H, UE619AN20Z, UE619AN40H, UE619AN40Z UE619AS20H, UE619AS20Z, UE619AS40H, UE619AS40Z, UE619AT20H, UE619AT20ZUE619AT40H, UE619AT40Z

UE219AZ08H UE219AZ08Z UE219AZ13H UE219AZ13Z UE219AZ20H UE219AZ20Z
UE219AZ40H UE219AZ40Z UE219AP08H UE219AP08Z
UE219AP08H UE219AP13H UE219AP13Z UE219AP20H UE219AP20ZUE219AP40H UE219AP40Z UE319AN08H UE319AN08Z UE319AN13H
UE319AN13Z UE319AN20H UE319AN20Z UE319AN40H UE319AN40Z
UE319AS08H UE319AS08Z UE319AS13H UE319AS13Z UE319AS20H
UE319AS13Z UE319AS20H UE319AS20Z UE319AS40H UE319AS40Z
UE319AT08H UE319AT08Z UE319AT13H UE319AT13Z UE319AT20H
UE319AT20Z UE319AT40H UE319AT40Z
UE619AZ20H UE619AZ20Z UE619AZ40H UE619AZ40Z UE619AP20H
UE619AP20Z UE619AP40H UE619AP40Z UE619AN20H UE619AN20Z
UE619AN40H UE619AP40Z UE619AS20H UE619AS20Z UE619AS40H

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