Minimum hanging LED light torch / telescopic focus Flashlight

Minimum hanging LED light torch / telescopic focus Flashlight

Product description:

Condition: Brand new

Size: 1.5cm X 1.5cm X 5cm

Weight: 0.018 Kg

Material: Aluminum alloy + electronic components

Colour: Random color

SKU: HQS-Y29512

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Condition: New

Size: 1.5 cm X 1.5 X 5 厘米 厘米

Weight: 0.018 kg

Material: Aluminum + Electronic Components

Color: color random

SKU: HQS-Y29512

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Note; The first time, to open the battery cover, remove the battery insulation sheet white on the bottom, it can be used.
Built three AG13 button electronic (electronic delivery).

LED semiconductors using micro-light, new energy-saving light source, power consumption is one-tenth of LED lamp life of an ordinary incandescent energy efficiency up to 100,000 hours, life without changing a light bulb.

Power: Using high-brightness LED lamp performance, reliable / long-lasting lighting, spotlight, astigmatism two modes.

Miniature: Compact / lightweight / portable length: Only common keys generally long; just 5 cm; Weight: 30 g; diameter of only 1.5 cm.

Color shipped randomly