Times the amount 323BC voice money detector light violet light pen small magnetic testing magnetic detector pen Detector Portable

Times the amount 323BC voice money detector light violet light pen small magnetic testing magnetic detector pen Detector Portable

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: Double Power / fold amount
  • Model: DP-323BC

. A compact super cute, mini portable instrument for verifying it suitable for almost everyone, when we are buying and selling the right time, when we suspect there are false bills hands at the right time; with it we can easily discriminate true .

It is a modern business - identification of old and new RMB Authenticity· Napkin magnetic detection Essential weapons.

OUR goods in kind shooting Pirates of the reserved


1 magnetic seizure: Hold 'magnetic seizure' switch (M G, on the side), the magnetic ink on the head portion aligned with the bill, gently rub around, if magnetic, issue 'magnetic seizure normal' voice prompts.

2 fluorescence (UV): When using just hold down the 'UV' switch and UV aligned to identify the notes, if the real one, you can clearly see its bright reflection fluorescence map or currency, and can be seen blue and yellow fluorescent fibers irregularly distributed in the evening can be a flashlight.

3 Use 1,000,000 lifetime high brightness UV LED bulb, lightweight, easy to carry, use section 4 AG13 button batteries.

4 using a magnetic detection function test is the most accurate method, the new RMB magnetic position on the bill number (1--100 yuan banknotes are applicable); Older yuan (50 and 100) in the position of the magnetic pattern color notes on the back of the landscape at the deepest position .

Special Note: small black rectangle when the magnetic detection yuan put an end surface of the head facing the magnetic region full access to money, according to a circular motion back and forth fast friction magnetic machine if the issue 'magnetic seizure normal' Chinese voice prompts. regional distribution of magnetic yuan in the security line (commonly known as silver) and the number of black ink.

Applicable Currency: RMB, USD, NT, Hong Kong dollar, the euro, Mark and other dozens of currency and credit cards, passports and so on.

Make With Notes: Before use you need to remove the battery cover at the back seam of the intermediate insulating film.
Replace the battery: When the instrument voice prompt small or purple light dims, replace the battery immediately remove the battery cover screws to remove the used old batteries (button cells AG134 Section) and insert new. battery, then close the battery cover and tighten the screws.

Technical Parameters:

Power supply: 4 AG13 button batteries (random assembly)


1; the purpose of this instrument for verifying the normal operation, when the magnetic field and away from the test, please do not make or receive phone nearby.

2; The identification device as an auxiliary instrument to identify the coin, does not have the decisive power of final adjudication of the coin discriminated in Chinese names and the corresponding bank or financial regulatory agencies issued