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Mini Dynamo LED flashlight

Mini Dynamo LED flashlight
  • Mini Dynamo LED flashlight
Product code: 18710500001
Unit price: 28 CNY  (4.08 USD)
Price unit: Per piece
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Other info: 2KG
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  • Brand new Dynamo Wind-up 2-LED keychain flashlight.
  • No battery required. Just wind it up for 10 seconds and the flashlight will work.
  • Can store the energy. Wind it up when you've free time and energy will be stored and use later.
  • 10000 hours of LED life-time.
  • Colourful and funny, can see through the mechanical inside.
  • Mini and light weight, great for emergency.


  • `Color: Random
  • `Weight: 26g
  • `Dimensions (L * W * T): 40 * 32 * 12mm (1.5 * 1.01 * 0.5 inch)

What's in the box

  • 1 * Hand-Crank Dynamo Flashlight Keychain

1, the product is compact, has a key ring, easy to carry.

2, with two bulb LED (ultra-high brightness light-emitting diode) as a light source; long life; high brightness; the torch of light is white light;

3; built-in micro-generation devices; only a few single-hand release; using the principle of frictional electricity; power automatically;

4, use: open hand to the back of the switch, the hand will automatically pop up, ease back and forth with one hand grip to put some time and then the handle grip away, open Always switch you can use the LED long life. more than 100,000 hours, almost not consider replacing the light bulb problem

The most important feature:

1, hand-pressure power generation, does not require any batteries, and environmentally friendly.

2, using high-intensity LED, style, workmanship, materials of international standards, a variety of colors.

3, particularity: can a humidity of 90% of the environment, humid environment flashlight has no effect on this, in the mine, the special environment cave, forest, ocean sailing trip on the planet, and so in aerospace have to worry about it will run out of energy, gently press will be able to use a convenient, fast and practical.

4, long life: LED can be used continuously for 15,000 hours, the battery can continuously charge pressure 600,000 times, the gearbox can work continuously for one million times without the use of replacement parts, using the limit until it reaches.

5, the health care: Long-term use of this product can increase grip strength, promote blood circulation, play a health effect.

Material: environmental plastic