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CEN · GRAND / Gray 9i-AD Gold Edition | hifi reference-level Blu-ray player DSD mastering

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Product parameters:

  • Product Name: CEN · GRAND / Century Gray 9i -...
  • Brand: CEN · GRAND / Century Gray
  • Model: 9i-ad gold version
  • Package Type: Official Standard Package 1 Package 2 Package 3 Package 4
  • Color classification: 9i-AD black gold edition
  • Supported formats: MPEG4 MPEG2 MPEG1 AVI APE FLAC PCM MKV
  • Storage: Built-in hard disk
  • Overall dimensions: 430mm * 345mm * 125mm
  • Weight: 8.5kg
  • Interface Type: Network Interface HDMI Fiber Coaxial Audio

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Century Gray authorized dealers, including SF Express,

9i-AD black gold version to send the fever wire

- A small amount of cash -

Century Gray authorized dealers:

1, send HIFI fever power cord (gold-plated copper conductor GB American Standard optional)

2, send HIFI fever audio signal line (single crystal copper plated guide: self-locking RCA terminal)

3, to send HIFI fever 75 European coaxial cable (single crystal copper plated conductor)

4, VIP network disk to send ~.

5, Package Shun Feng Express

6, (limited) Package III / Package IV to send genuine Blu-ray test disc * 1, genuine CD test machine dish * 1

7, Flower chanting stage.

Standard package (official standard options): Century Gray 9i-AD customized version of Wu Jin + vip network disk + SF Express.

Package A: Century Gray 9i-AD Ugyen custom made Version + (WD2T hard drive * 1 block +Fever, power cord + fever audio cable + coaxial +Vip network disk + SF Express. )

Package II: Century Gray 9i-AD Ugyen custom made Version + (WD2T hard drive * 2 blocks +Fever, power cord + fever audio cable + coaxial line +Vip network disk + SF Express. )

Package 3: Century Gray 9i-AD Ugyen custom made Version + (WD2T hard drive * 3 blocks +9i-BDR black gold companion +Fever, power cord + fever audio cable + coaxial line + Test machine Blu-ray disc * 1 + CD test machine dish * 1 +Vip network disk + SF Express. )

Package IV: Century Gray 9i-AD Ugyen custom made Version + (WD2T hard drive * 5 blocks +9i-BDR black gold companion +Fever, power cord + fever audio cable + coaxial line + Test machine Blu-ray disc * 1 + CD test machine dish * 1 +Vip network disk + SF Express. )

The charm of Ugyen! 9i-AD black gold version of the introduction

9i-AD Wujin custom Version, the color to black and gold color, 9i-AD 'Wujin version' hence the name.

9i-AD version of the gold version, many hifi enthusiasts prefer the machine, many users of the century Gray out of the hands of the low-model update of the Wu Jin. Wujin version with DSD function, 9i series player support: Blu-ray pure music Pure Blu-Ray Audio, SACD, PCM and other audio formats, but also take into account the 3D Blu-ray video, 4K frequency and other functions, fever Blu-ray player, sound quality is very good models.

Wujin audio performance: Wu Jin users have a lot of Shaoyou, in their system, Wu Jin demonstrated the quality of its price over, because the excellent sound quality.

9i-AD is a customized version of the 9i-AD standard, with many internal enhancements, internal key components using the product, and re-tuned sound.

Wujin version of the master board to do a lot of upgrading, audio data part of the re-layout, making the clock and audio data transmission more stable, which is the basic upgrade, change.

Components are good sound basis.Ujin in many details on the use of the hifi fever components, upgrade components also brought the sound quality changes, after adjustment, Wujin sound quality back balance.The main device upgrade has two item,

1: the use of Canada plitron transformer,

2: use the United States custom relcap cross-linked capacitors.

Uljin clock board is suspended, can reduce the vibration to the impact of the crystal.

Customized US REL-CAP capacitor, sound, good analytical power, is a transistor device for cross-linked capacitance of the fever components, the advantage is the sound at the end of pure, coherent strong, rich sound of the room.Ujin machine rich air sense of sound, Rel-cap capacitance has played a significant role.

Wujin version of the design and the audio quality of the performance of the machine itself, internally and externally very good machine.

Transformer is an important part of the HIFI equipment. 9i-AD Wujin version of HI.END fever with the transformer 'Pu force' (plitron). Plitron in Canada has a good power supply, the power under the processor is HIFI Fever products.

9i-AD version of the sound quality, compared to the silver version of the 9i-AD, the sound quality is more quiet, smooth, delicate, more atmosphere, better balance 9i-AD sound orientation, more than a gorgeous. With its own sound - absorbing a lot of HIFI enthusiasts.