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Sound candle lamp

Sound candle lamp
  • Sound candle lamp
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Other info: 3KG
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Size:! As soon as diameter 4.5 x 10.1cm blows highly brightly, again blows extinguishes does not need the worry to be able to burn through, does not need the worry to blow out by the wind, will not need the worry use not to be careful will cause catches fire and so on security problem. the wonderful Peru's candlelight, competes however is Gao an Fang LED lamp, the life may be 100000 hours! As soon as dodges likely is the genuine candle in ignition. the automatic induction type, before the use, only need take out in cup's lamp holder, opens the base the switch:. As soon as blows brightly, again blows extinguishes mini built-in LED illumination lamp bead, lightens in the night starting switch, is all over the body transparent, the candlelight drags. Is suitable for at each kind of supper evening banquet or the optical fiber request gloomy not the cloudy and cold place. Feels warm comfortable, romantic gentle. Other appeal. And the environmental protection, will not have the drop wax and ill-smelling smell

Voice blow candle lights; color candle lights; Full House candle lights; Colorful LED candle lights

Translucent cup, flashing a beautiful seven-color light, like a candle light flickering like real and natural. Can be placed on the table, a small bedside table, so that the whole house full of warm and romantic atmosphere. Seven kinds of non-stop soft gradient colors, matte sense of candle body, suitable for any mood and atmosphere. more special is that it and the real candle, can blow bright and blew out. For the 'gas' smaller friends, you can hand-shoot "candle" of cylinder port to control it! Figure multiple candles are the same paragraph, just to show that they can change color naturally, we turn them open, you see, when they fade to a different effect. Voice outer candles made of glass yarn mill simulation made comfortable high degree of verisimilitude. Built-in latest model led bulb life of up to 100,000 hours, energy provided by the three lithium, under normal conditions it can be used continuously for 48 hours. Full House Sound candle, a blow light, and then blowing it off.

(Material) Candles ABS, frosted translucent plastic cups

(Size) 4.5 * 10.0cm

(Power) 1 CR2032 button battery

(Packaging) a box 500, a single package

(Time) Sustainable 40 -50 hours