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DIY puppy Storage Lamps

DIY puppy Storage Lamps
  • DIY puppy Storage Lamps
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Unit price: 94 CNY  (13.65 USD)
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Other info: 92KG
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New Funny DIY Dog Desk Lamp Light Wood Storage Shelf



100% brand new


As pictures


5MM E1 grade basswood plywood




28CM X 26CM X 11CM


• This DIY Dimming Control Desk lamp with little dog shape is made with high quality wood, assemble, polish and even lacquer it by yourself, integrate fun with sense of accomplishment as a whole, make your spare life meaningful and colorful.

• Compact and unique design, with tail in the behind, can be used as the storage shelf.

• All four legs of the little dog are flexible, could display each kind of gesture, funny and interesting.

• Bulb is not included, incandescent lamp or energy-saving lamb (below 25 watt) are recommended.

Note : Be careful when install the desk lamp.

Package included

DIY Desk Lamp


Screws; nuts; washers


Lamp holder, cable

Lonely? Lonely nights this dog lamp can be with you.
He is not only a lamp, but also a storage box.
Note: For transport safety, not the product with light dimming type common type two and, for dimming, please choose 'with light', for the ordinary type, select 'without light'.
About light source selection: Dimming only use incandescent 40W or less (must not use energy-saving lamps).
You can choose 25W or less ordinary incandescent or energy-saving lamps.
5MM E1 grade basswood plywood
1. DIY. Own assembly, own polished, painted the color of their choice. Fun.
2. There is a tail, you can put as a root tail hook.
3. The four short legs, the flexibility of posing.
4. The lamp holders and wire have passed CE and UL certification.
1. screws, nuts and washers 10 sets. 2. sandpaper 3. 4. switch line a lamp socket set.
1. This product is electrical, buyers must have a certain electrical basis, careful installation.
2. excluding the lamp.
3. assemble their own, they need to bring their own hammer or other heavy objects.
4. If the mounting holes loose, use toothpicks, pins and other plug gap.
Length: 28CM, high: 26CM, Width: 11CM