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DIY embarrassing word Tissue Box

DIY embarrassing word Tissue Box
  • DIY embarrassing word Tissue Box
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Unit price: 71 CNY  (10.32 USD)
Price unit: Per piece
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Other info: 126KG
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New Robot Tissue Box Chinese Character Jiong Face



100% brand new


As pictures


5MM E1 grade basswood plywood

Size (Tissue box)

15CM X 15CM X 15CM

Height (foot to box)


Design Concept:

The Chinese character for Jiong is nowadays more widely used on the Internet as an ideographic emoticon representing a range of moods, as it resembles a person's face. It is commonly used to express ideas or feelings such as annoyance, shock, embarrassment, awkwardness, scorn or the internet meme DO NOT WANT '. Therefore, this funny tissue box of Jiong brand is to make its host immersed in relaxation and happiness.


• This DIY tissue box made with high quality wood, integrate fun with sense of accomplishment as a whole, make your life meaningful and colorful.

• Each joint is flexible to move to make each kind of pose, funny and interesting.

• Attached with sand paper, screw and butterfly nut.

Package included

1 X DIY Robot tissue box

10 X screw

3 X Wood board

1 X sandpaper

design concept:
Embarrassing image of funny people looked not help but want to laugh. Even if you are not happy to see this embarrassing Tissue Box
You can not be embarrassed now than it ho ho tissue box so embarrassing robot's intention is to make use of its owner happy, happy, do not like it as embarrassing.
Material: Wood colors 5MM E1 grade basswood plywood
Process: die stamping.
Packaging: Corrugated box + shrink film.
1. DIY fun, enjoy the feeling of accomplishment DIY, own polished, to assemble their own, even to decide on Shiyao colors of paint.
2. The activities of each joint can be, put on a variety POSE.
3. comes with sandpaper, screws and butterfly nuts.
1. Body size: 15CM * 15CM * 15CM
2. foot to the height of the body: 13CM
Weight: 1200 grams (g)
1.10 set screw
2.3 half board
3. a sandpaper
Need-owned small hammer, screwdriver, please use the book to separate the percussion hammer and wood surfaces to prevent surface damage.