GEEKCOOK linguistic interpretation of clock/clock

GEEKCOOK linguistic interpretation of clock/clock

Product description:

New Funny Wall Clock Sphere White Program Language



100% brand new


Wall clock




Wood + Glass




• This wall clock is made with high quality solid wood and glass, unique and eye-catching.

• Compact and ingenious design, the twelve hours symbol are replaced with different Programming language, funny and interesting.

• Apply high quality super-silent cassette mechanism of Taiwan brand Sun', functional and convenient to use, and without any noise.

Package included

1 X wall clock

1 X Steel nail

1 X Screw nail

1 X rubber plug

1 X band aid

You could say that many foreign English, but each programming language is not necessarily the case. Language 12, hanging it on the wall! even day
A small reminder to myself, good work!
1. solid wood frame, natural features.
2. Aluminum Black hands, black and white.
3. PVC clock (non-paper).
4. globe clock face.

1. solid wood frame, high temperature steam-bending process.
2. PVC clock screen printing text.
3. programming, programming, the inevitable choice for IT workers.
4. mute scan movement of the Sun, quiet water.
5. ball clock, unique reflective effect, reveals the qualities of science and technology.

1. pin one.
2. screw one.
3. Plug one.
4. the band-aid.

Diameter: 31.5CM

Weight: 0.8KG