Supply pall Pall hydraulic oil filter cartridge UE319AS08H

Supply pall Pall hydraulic oil filter cartridge UE319AS08H

Product description:

Material glass fiber Filter Type Folded filter use Oil impurities
Scope filter Suitable lubricating oil Types of Efficient
Brand East into the filter Operating temperature 80 (℃) Maximum working pressure 1.6 (MPa)
Filtration accuracy 10 Caliber 84 (mm) performance Anti-static, waterproof, acid, high temperature
Raw water pressure 1.6 (KG / c ㎡) filter area 2.33 model UE319AS08H
specification UE319AS08H flow 100 Accuracy 10
medium General hydraulic oil

UE319AS08H pall Pall Filter PALL filter replacement filter hydraulic oil filter hydraulic system filters

UE319AS08H filter applications:

1, for filtering rolling mill, continuous casting machine hydraulic system filters and a variety of lubrication equipment.
2, petrochemicals: refining, chemical production process of products and intermediate products of the separation and recovery of oil and gas injection wells in addition to the particulate filter.
3, textile: polyester melt filtration purification and even in the drawing process, the protection filter air compressor, compressed gas oil in addition to water.
4, electronic and pharmaceutical: reverse osmosis water, deionized water pretreatment filtration, washing solution and glucose pretreatment filtration.
5, thermal power and nuclear power: gas turbines, boilers lubrication system, speed control system, bypass control system purification oil feed pumps, fans and dedusting system purification.
6, machining equipment: dust papermaking machinery, mining machinery, injection molding machines and large-scale precision machinery lubrication systems and compressed air purification, tobacco processing equipment and spraying equipment recovery filter.
7, railway internal combustion engine and generator: lubricating oil and oil filter
8, car engines and construction machinery

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The following is part of the East into the filter provided by Pall Filter Model:

UE319AZ08H, UE319AZ08Z, UE319AZ13H, UE319AZ13Z, UE319AZ20H, UE319AZ20Z UE319AZ40H, UE319AZ40Z, UE319AP08H, UE319AP08Z, UE319AP13H, UE319AP13Z
UE319AP20H, UE319AP20Z, UE319AP40H, UE319AP40Z, UE319AN08H, UE319AN08Z, UE319AN13H, UE319AN13Z, UE319AN20H, UE319AN20Z, UE319AN40H, UE319AN40Z, UE319AS08H, UE319AS08Z, UE319AS13H, UE319AS13Z, UE319AS20H, UE319AS20Z, UE319AS40H, UE319AS40Z, UE319AT08H, UE319AT08Z, UE319AT13H, UE319AT13Z
UE319AT20H, UE319AT20Z, UE319AT40H, east into the filter UE319AT40Z
East into the filter UE619 series
UE619AZ20H, UE619AZ20Z, UE619AZ40H, UE619AZ40Z, UE619AP20H, UE619AP20Z, UE619AP40H, UE619AP40Z, UE619AN20H, UE619AN20Z, UE619AN40H, UE619AN40Z, UE619AS20H, UE619AS20Z, UE619AS40H, UE619AS40Z, UE619AT20H, UE619AT20Z, UE619AT40H, east into the filter UE619AT40Z
UE219AZ08H, UE219AZ08Z, UE219AZ13H, UE219AZ13Z, UE219AZ20H, UE219AZ20Z UE219AZ40H UE219AZ40Z UE219AP08H UE219AP08Z UE219AP08H UE219AP13H UE219AP13Z UE219AP20H UE219AP20ZUE219AP40H UE219AP40Z UE319AN08H UE319AN08Z east into the filter UE319AN13H UE319AN13Z UE319AN20H UE319AN20Z UE319AN40H UE319AN40Z
UE319AS08H UE319AS08Z UE319AS13H UE319AS13Z east into the filter UE319AS20H UE319AS13Z UE319AS20H UE319AS20Z UE319AS40H East into the filter UE319AS40Z
UE319AT08H UE319AT08Z UE319AT13H UE319AT13Z filter UE319AT20H UE319AT20Z UE319AT40H east into the East into the filter UE319AT40Z
UE619AZ20H UE619AZ20Z UE619AZ40H UE619AZ40Z UE619AP20H
UE619AP20Z UE619AP40H UE619AP40Z UE619AN20H UE619AN20Z
UE619AN40H UE619AP40Z UE619AS20H UE619AS20Z UE619AS40H HCY0106FDP8 east into the filter HCY0108FKP13Z HCY0110FKP9Z HCY0106FKP8Z HCY0108FKP13Z filter HCY0110FKP9Z HCY0108FKP13H east into the East into the filter HCY0110FKP9Z

East into the filter PI22004RNSMX6-PI23004RNSMX10-PI24004RNSMX16-PI25004RNSMX25R928005534 East into productivity Rexroth filter cartridge ABZFE-R0050-101XMA Fusheng oil separator 9610112-21700-M Sullair oil 250034-128 250034-130 Sullair Ingersoll Rand oil separator oil 39,831,920 SBF0660DS15B SCHROEDER Schroeder filter cartridge filter SBF90208Z5B Suofei Ma RC330CD1 east into the filter cartridge production RLF-1300 * 10P PALL Pall filter hydraulic oil filter PI4145SMX25 UE319AN13H east into the filter cartridge production 1300R010BN3HC east into the filter cartridge production MF1002A25HBP01 EPE filter 2.0013G40- A00-0-P production CU200M25N Jade East into the filter cartridge MP FILTRI filter CU100M90N hydraulic oil filter EPB12NHA east into the filter production STR1003G1M250 filter hydraulic oil filter ERA32NFD Xinxiang City, east into Filter Co. production TB034M90S100 East into production ESB22B08XMF filter FPHE114H05S / 10N hydraulic oil Filter SPL-80X binoculars mesh filter SLQ-32 binoculars strainer oil and gas separation filter Fusheng 9610112-23000-M oil filter car LYC-50 * 10 300 205 INTERNORMEN INTERNORMEN filter cartridge INTERNORMEN filter 300201 311275 300306 INTERNORMEN INTERNORMEN filter cartridge 01. E320.25VG. 16. S. P INTERNORMEN filter 01. E320.10VG. 16. S. P INTERNORMEN filter 01. E950 .25VG. 10. S. P INTERNORMEN filter 01. E631.10VG. 16. S. P Parker PARKER east into the filter cartridge FTCE2A10Q productivity Rexroth R928005927 East into a filter cartridge filter R928006926 Rexroth

East into the filter PI4145SMX25 filter, mainly used in power plants companies, steel companies, paper companies hydraulic power system filter, widely used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, aviation, electronic, power, pharmaceutical, environmental protection, nuclear energy, nuclear, natural gas field, refractories, fire-fighting equipment in steel mills, power plants and other hydraulic systems and lubrication station systems, MAHLE MAHLE filter is mainly used to filter out the working medium of solid particles and colloidal substances, effective control of pollution of the working medium degree.

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