HUB USB 4 口 Message Board | Fluorescent message board clock | Green

HUB USB 4 口 Message Board | Fluorescent message board clock | Green

Product description:

LCD Digital Alarm Clock Thermometer + 4-Port USB HUB + Message Board Green Light

Digital clock has a LED light message board with a highlighter.

You can write any words on the board what you like. At night, you can read the words on the LED luminous screen board.
You can switch the time, date, temperature or display model. There are 12 hours or 24 hours format selection, degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit option and three regular alarm clock and snooze function.
When you are outside, you can also leave a message on the board to your family. Or you can set at some points of one day to ring automatically happy birthday song.
This clock supplies four USB charging hubs or three AAA batteries. It is a great assitant with rich functions for you.

Size: 138 * 65 * 116 (mm) /5.4*2.6*4.6in
Color: the of the backlight color in blue, green optional

Appearance of watch: white
Display screen: LED screen

USB hub: with 4 USB port hubs
Power supply: USB charging port or AAA battery (Batteries not included)

Name: USB HUB timepiece Message Board
Model: HSD1141C
Product Dimensions: 13.8 * 7.6 * 11.8CM
product description:
Unique fluorescence message board
Big screen date / time / temperature switch
Slide show display;
Lantern backlight, 12/24 hour format time selection
3 groups timing alarm clock and snooze function;
Birthday congratulations to music, is timing and countdown;
16 world music appreciation;
2000-2099 mid-profit query.
4 USB HUB 2.0