Solar grasshopper | Solar Electronics | Insects

Solar grasshopper | Solar Electronics | Insects

Product description:

Solar Power Robot Insect Bug Locust Grasshopper Toy kid


This product is for solar powered technologies, without battery, its micro vibration motor can be driven directly in the sunlight, in order to achieve the product's specific effect of vibration.
In the direct sunlight, the solar grasshopper will shake at every pore, as if it's ready to prey, the product which is not only novel and unique, but also for environmental protection and energy conservation, is a wonderful enlightenment of students solar energy concept for school teaching as well.
100% Brand new and high quality
Power by Solar energy, no battery required
Amazing Toys for Children and Teach them to save our earth using Green Power
Not only just make Child happy and fun, but also let them learn more about solar power
Size: 45x20x25mm (approx)
Suits for 3+ years old children
Color: black and green
Package Includes:
1 x Solar Power Robot Insect Bug Locust Grasshopper Toy kid
How to use:
When the sun shines on the solar panel at the back of the insect, it makes electricity. It then shakes its body as if it's ready to prey on something.
It's novel and unique, also it's a good demonstration of solar power on a small and cute scale, a wonderful enlightenment for students solar energy concept teaching as well.
They're funny especially when you have a number of them all shaking at the same time, might give you the chills!
NOTE: As the ITEM is very small, the children who use it should above 3 years old
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