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5A 5 毫安 | Solar | Panels | Specialty Controller | System Controller | Solar controller | multi-mode

5A 5 毫安 | Solar | Panels | Specialty Controller | System Controller | Solar controller | multi-mode
  • 5A 5 毫安 | Solar | Panels | Specialty Controller | System Controller | Solar controller | multi-mode
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Other info: 16KG
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5A Solar Charge Controller Panel Regulator 12V / 24V

The controller is a state-of-the art device which was developed in accordance with the latest available technical standards.

-The Charge controller is intended for use at 12V or 24V
-MCU Controller; 5 LED for a clear; readable display of the state of charge
-Acoustic Signal when the state of charge changes
-Low Voltage disconnection regulated by state of charge or voltage
-Complete Electronic protection
-The Charge controller protects the battery from being overcharged by the solar array and from being deepdischarged by the loads.
-The Charge controller has a number of safety and display functions

Techinical parameter:
-Working Voltage: 12V / 24V, automatic recognition
-Boost Voltage: 14.8V
-Equllization Voltage: 14.6V
-Float Voltage: 13.68 (25 C)
-Low Voltage disconnection function: 11V + / -0.2
-Load Reconnect voltage: 12.5V
-Temperature Compensation: -4.0Mv / C / 2V
-Solar Pannel current: 5/8/10/15 A (according to model)
-Load Current: 5/8/10/15 A (according to model)
-Case Protection: IP 56
-Dimensions: 118 x 78 x 32.5mm

Package Included:
1x Solar regulator
1x English Manual

The controller is important that quality and stability; safety performance; simple and practical; This controller is what we have been exporting in use;! After a market test buy!

Use of power; less than 180 watts

Input voltage; 18 volts (12-volt rechargeable) 36 volts (24 volt rechargeable) automatic recognition switch

Input current; 5 amps (24v)

The controller is designed solar DC power system, solar DC lamp system design, and the use of special computer chip intelligent controller uses one-button touch switch, complete all operations and settings. Four operating mode selection - pure light control; light control + time; Universal; debugging overcharge; over discharge; electronic short circuit; overload protection; unique anti-reverse protection tandem PWM charging the main circuit; accurate discharge control chip industry; LED display and settings; one-button operation
Controller circuit board import APL after three anti-paint treatment, moisture resistant good fuzzy control automatic identification according to the actual correction period dawn darkness to the entire night Short circuit, overload, a unique anti-reverse protection, full, over-discharge automatic shutdown, resume and other full-featured protection measures detailed charging indicator, battery status, load and various fault indication. The controller through the computer chip on the battery The terminal voltage, discharge current, temperature and other parameters related to the battery capacity is sampled through a dedicated control model calculation, to achieve compliance with the characteristics of the battery discharge rate, temperature compensation correction of high efficiency, high accuracy control and adopt the use efficiency
PWM battery charging mode, ensure that the battery in the best condition, greatly extending battery life.


DC solar lights, solar garden lights and other solar lighting systems
Total rated charge current
Total rated load current
System voltage
• 12V; • 24V / 12V AUTO;
Overload, short circuit protection
1.25 times the rated current for 60 seconds. 1.5 times rated current 5 seconds overload action.
≥3 times the rated current short circuit protection action
Load loss
≤6 mA
Charging circuit voltage drop
Not more than 0.26V
Discharge circuit voltage drop
Not more than 0.15V
Overpressure protection
17V, * 2 / 24V;
Operating temperature
Industrial: -35 ℃ to + 55 ℃ (suffix I);
Enhance the charging voltage
14.6V; * 2 ​​/ 24V; (duration: 10min) (only when there is over-discharge calls)
Straight rechargeyour voltage
14.4V; * 2 ​​/ 24V; (duration: 10min)
13.6V; * 2 ​​/ 24V; (duration: until reduced charge return voltage action)
Charge return voltage
13.2v; * 2 ​​/ 24V;
Temperature compensation
-5mv / ℃ / 2V (lift; direct charge; float; charge return voltage compensation);
12.0V; * 2 ​​/ 24V;
Over-discharge voltage
11.1V- discharge rate compensation amendment of the initial over-discharge voltage (no-load voltage); * 2 ​​/ 24V;
Overdischarge return voltage
12.6V; * 2 ​​/ 24V;
control method
Charge for the PWM pulse width modulation
Installation dimensions and precautions:
Mounting hole dimensions: 140 X 70 (mm)
12V system: rated working voltage of 12V; the maximum output power of 120W; photocell rated working voltage 17V; 170W maximum input power controller
24V system: rated working voltage of 24V; the maximum output power of 240W; photocell rated working voltage 34V; the maximum input power controller 180w

(Installation and Use)

  • Prepare wire: It is recommended to use multi-strand insulated copper wire to determine the wire length, to ensure the installation location of the case, to minimize the wire length in order to reduce electrical losses in accordance with no more than 4A / mm.. 2 Select the current density of copper wire cross-sectional area of ​​the side of the head controller wiring stripped 5mm of insulation.
  • Connect the battery terminals on the controller; then the other end connected to the battery; note + - pole, do not reverse if the connection is correct, the indicator (2) should be bright, press the button to check otherwise. , check whether the connections, such as the occurrence of reverse, will not burn any part of damage insurance and controller fuse only damage the internal circuit as the controller itself the ultimate protection of short circuit.
  • Photocell wire connection; connect the terminals of the battery controller glazing; then the other end connected to the photocell; note + - pole, do not reverse, if there is sun, charging LED should light. Otherwise, you need to check the connection. for NO.