Super Meng cat and mouse piggy bank / piggy bank

Super Meng cat and mouse piggy bank / piggy bank

Product description:

Condition: Brand new

Size: 14.5cm X 14.5cm X 13.5cm

Weight: 0.395 Kg

Material: ABS + electronic components

Colour: as picture


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Condition: New

Dimensions: 14.5 cm X 14.5 X 13.5厘米厘米

Weight: 0.395 kg

Material : ABS + Electronic Components

Color : As pictures


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Super Meng piggy friends come out - absolutely adorable cat and mouse piggy bank turn you; not only cats will be called rat will creak carts moving up; the cat 's head also followed the move comes oh cute cartoon music ~

As long as the parent of the coin into Xiaokuang time, press the little red button, the little mouse will push coin car along with creak sound into the warehouse, the cat meow cried, trying to stop the little mouse .
Power supply: two AA batteries ( bring your own )