Large supply of Pall filter HC8400FKS16H

Large supply of Pall filter HC8400FKS16H

Product description:

Material glass fiber Filter Type Folded filter use Oil impurities
Scope filter Suitable lubricating oil Types of Efficient
Brand East into the filter Operating temperature 80 (℃) Maximum working pressure 0.03 (MPa)
Filtration accuracy 6 Caliber 52 (mm) performance Anti-static, waterproof, acid, high temperature
Raw water pressure 1.6 (KG / c ㎡) filter area 54 model HC8400FKS16H
specification HC8400FKS16H flow 120 Accuracy 6 m
medium General hydraulic oil

Pall Pall filter cartridge HC8400FKS16H hydraulic oil filter Pall folded filter Pall oil filter

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Import substitution HC8400FKS16H Pall filter:

Xinxiang City, east into Filter Co., Ltd. specializes replace imported filter. We produce Pall HC8400FKS16H filter, in full accordance with standard imported production, its dimensions, filtration precision and imported exactly the same, every little detail, We all strive for perfection. better work attitude allows the filter element in the structure and use exactly the same performance with the original import filter, you can replace imported filter were to use!

East into the production of some Pall filter hydraulic filters:
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East into the filter HC9404FKN26H HC9600FKP13H HC9600FDT8H HC9600FUT13H
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East into the filter HC9404FKT26H HC9600FKS13H HC9600FDN13H HC9600FUN16H
East into the filter HC9404FKZ39H HC9600FKT13H HC9600FDS13H HC9600FUS16H
East into the filter HC9404FKP39H HC9600FKZ16H HC9600FDT13H HC9600FUT16H
East into the filter HC9404FKN39H HC9600FKP16H HC9600FDP16H HC9600FUP4Z
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East into the filter HC9404FKZ13Z HC9600FKT16H HC9600FDT16H HC9600FUT4Z
East into the filter HC9404FKP13Z HC9600FKZ4Z HC9600FDP4Z HC9600FUP8Z
East into the filter HC9404FKN13Z HC9600FKP4Z HC9600FDN4Z HC9600FUN8Z
East into the filter HC9404FKS13Z HC9600FKN4Z HC9600FDS4Z HC9600FUS8Z
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East into the filter HC9404FKZ26Z HC9600FKT4Z HC9600FDP8Z HC9600FUP13Z
East into the filter HC9404FKP26Z HC9600FKZ8Z HC9600FDN8Z HC9600FUN13Z
East into the filter HC9404FKN26Z HC9600FKP8Z HC9600FDS8Z HC9600FUS13Z
East into the filter HC9404FKS26Z HC9600FKN8Z HC9600FDT8Z HC9600FUT13Z
East into the filter HC9404FKT26Z HC9600FKS8Z HC9600FDP13Z HC9600FUP16Z
East into the filter HC9404FKZ39Z HC9600FKT8Z HC9600FDN13Z HC9600FUN16Z
East into the filter HC9404FKP39Z HC9600FKZ13Z HC9600FDS13Z HC9600FUS16Z
East into the filter HC9404FKN39Z HC9600FKP13Z HC9600FDT13Z HC9600FUT16Z
East into the filter HC9404FKS39Z HC9600FKN13Z HC9600FDP16Z HC9601FUP11YGE
East into the filter HC9404FKT39Z HC9600FKS13Z HC9600FDN16Z HC9601FUP11ZYGE

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East into the filter UE319AP20H, UE319AP20Z, UE319AP40H, UE319AP40Z, UE319AN08H, UE319AN08Z, UE319AN13H, UE319AN13Z, UE319AN20H, UE319AN20Z, UE319AN40H, the East into the filter UE319AN40Z, UE319AS08H, UE319AS08Z, UE319AS13H, UE319AS13Z. UE319AS20H , UE319AS20Z, UE319AS40H, UE319AS40Z, UE319AT08H, UE319AT08Z, UE319AT13H, UE319AT13Z
East into the filter UE319AT20H, UE319AT20Z, UE319AT40H, UE319AT40Z
East into the filter UE619 series
UE619AZ20H, UE619AZ20Z, UE619AZ40H, UE619AZ40Z, UE619AP20H, UE619AP20Z, UE619AP40H, UE619AP40Z, UE619AN20H, UE619AN20Z, UE619AN40H, UE619AN40Z, UE619AS20H, UE619AS20Z, UE619AS40H, UE619AS40Z, UE619AT20H, UE619AT20Z, east into the filter UE619AT40H, UE619AT40Z
UE219AZ08H, UE219AZ08Z, UE219AZ13H, UE219AZ13Z, UE219AZ20H, UE219AZ20Z UE219AZ40H UE219AZ40Z UE219AP08H UE219AP08Z UE219AP08H UE219AP13H UE219AP13Z UE219AP20H UE219AP20 east into the filter ZUE219AP40H UE219AP40Z UE319AN08H UE319AN08Z east into the filter UE319AN13H UE319AN13Z UE319AN20H UE319AN20Z UE319AN40H East into the filter UE319AN40Z
UE319AS08H UE319AS08Z UE319AS13H UE319AS13Z UE319AS20H east into the filter UE319AS13Z UE319AS20H UE319AS20Z UE319AS40H East into the filter UE319AS40Z
UE319AT08H UE319AT08Z UE319AT13H UE319AT13Z East into the filter UE319AT20H
UE319AT20Z UE319AT40H UE319AT40Z
UE619AZ20H UE619AZ20Z UE619AZ40H UE619AZ40Z UE619AP20H
UE619AP20Z UE619AP40H UE619AP40Z UE619AN20H UE619AN20Z
UE619AN40H UE619AP40Z UE619AS20H UE619AS20Z filter UE619AS40H east into the East into the filter HCY0106FDP8 HCY0108FKP13Z HCY0110FKP9Z HCY0106FKP8Z filter HCY0108FKP13Z HCY0110FKP9Z east into the East into the filter HCY0108FKP13H HCY0110FKP9Z

HC4704FKT8H Pall filter cartridge G02569Q Parker EPE filter 2.0008G40-A00-0-P

PALL filter HC9100FKS4Z Parker filter FTCE2A10Q EPE filter 1.0020G25-A-00-0-M

Pall oil filter cartridge HC9404FKZ13Z PARKER G01315Q 1.0008H20SL-A00-0-E filter

HC9601FDP13H fiberglass filter material FC7006Q020BK 1.0250H10XL-A00-0-M

HC9601FUP13H 932611Q EPE hydraulic oil filter 2.0400H10XL-B00-0-M

HC4704FKS16H 926843Q Parker filter HYDAC filter 0660R003BN4HC / -V

HC8400FKS16H replace Pall filter 932694Q 0330D005BH4HC

HC4754FKN16H 933219Q east into the filter cartridge production 2600R050W / HC / -V

HC9104FKN13H P-UL-12A-400W 0950R010BN4HC HYDAC filter

HC9101FDP13H east into the filter producing raw filter P-UL-12A-50UW 0165R010BN4HC filter

HC9901FDT26H Pall filter ISH-06A-150W 0060D010BH3HC

Filter cartridge HC9601FDS16H R-UL-06A2.0013G25-A00-0-V

HC9104FKN8H big green filter P-UL-10A-80U 2.0030H20XL-A00-0-P (EPE filter)

P3062302 P-UH-16A-80U Rexroth filter 1.1401G25-A00-0-M

P3111710 Song of Solomon filter UM-16A-20UW-EV EPE filter 1.0160H10XL-A00-0-M

Song of Solomon filter S2092305 UM-20B-20UW-EV big green filter 2.0004G10-A00-0-P

S2.0613-15 UL-10A-20UW-EV big green filter 2.90G25-A00-0-V

V2.1217-08 UL-06A-40U-EV P166254 Donaldson filter

Song of Solomon filter V3.0623-18 P-3502-2-10U P164166

ARGO V3.0817-08 MAHLE filter cartridge PI3130SMX10 P171539

V3.0607-08 PI1108MIC10 Marla filter P171521

V3.0823-13 filter cartridge PI25016RN DONALDSON P171869

P3062052 east into the filter cartridge P173030 production PI3211SMXVST10

0950R005BN4HC / -B6 PI9305DRGVST40 P560693 Donaldson filter

1320D020BH3HC east into the filter cartridge production PI9315DRGVST40 P550388

0110D025W filter metal mesh filter material PI8205DRG25 SE030G10B Stauff

0160R005BN4HC HYDAC low pressure filter cartridge PI3245SMXVST10 319375 Internormen

0160DN010BN4HC Marla 852070SMX10 filter SE090G05B

0240D020BH4HC PI23025RNSMX10NBR filter SP010E05B

0140D020BN4HC HYDAC high pressure filter cartridge 852761SMX10 SP020E20B Stauff

1700R010BN4HC / -V PI25100DNSMX25 SE045B25B

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