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Wireless wrist band, anti-static wrist strap | wrist strap | ring cordless static wrist strap

Wireless wrist band, anti-static wrist strap | wrist strap | ring cordless static wrist strap
  • Wireless wrist band, anti-static wrist strap | wrist strap | ring cordless static wrist strap
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1PC Cordless Wireless Anti-Static Wrist Strap NEW

Brand new Adjustable Cordless Grounding Anti-Static Wrist Strap
Protect sensitive electronic components from ESD (electrostatic discharge)
Provides safe grounding source by using the Corona Discharge Effect to rid the body of static charges before it can damage data or computer equipment.
Gives freedom to move around without having to worry about clipping or unclipping grounding cord
One size fits all
Easily adjustable, includes extra strap
Color: Blue
Material: Stainless steel and conductive fabric
Strap Length (unstretched): 6 '/ 15.5cm
Package Included:
1 x Anti Static Cordless Strap
1 x Additional Strap

Products: take it to the hands of the hands can help you effectively absorb electrostatic

Bracelet: Elastic Adjustable;

Material: elastic nylon and metal fiber textiles;

Color: light blue

How it works: According to 'corona discharge' effect and the point discharge principle, when the accumulated charge exceeds a certain value due to the potential difference to the discharge space, so as to achieve the purpose of eliminating static electricity Features: convenient and reliable; static dissipative time: less than 0.5 S.

Cordless wrist strap; but the use of static voltage balance; based on 'static engineering in' static Pa using ion squeeze between the research and development from the principles passed by; by static electricity from high potential to push the characteristics of the human body electrostatic ion push squeeze to collection area; in charge induction principle will reverse surface of the conductive plates are provided with 'equal amount of opposite charges' - skin effect; the district built ion exchangers; free use of its low-energy properties can easily be imported provided The electrostatic ion equivalent amount of opposite charges to be neutralized; it can achieve the effect of static electricity catharsis; the other with a screw on the outer strap; coupled with the inner conductor circuit; as a result of the improper touch high hydrostatic power; cause momentary importing large amounts electrostatic charge; in ion and less complete;. may be borrowed with the screws provided outside air ions and water molecules (Corona discharge effect for the celebration), effective electrostatic ruled out, and to achieve the ultimate goal of static voltage balance of other available This screws make potential zero function (just touch the ground screw can be), but also as a circuit detecting terminal purposes.

• Use conductive yarn woven into the elastic band-type
• ESD characteristics wonders; low dust amount; worn easy; with different length of the ground reel
• Use SELGLARD corona discharge physical principles of design; breakthrough space system; ground wire from catching; may also purchase a ground line becomes wired use
• electrostatic discharge through the human body to produce boxes bleed, 12μ ultrafine conductive fibers release static electricity is very fast;