usb wall switch

usb wall switch

Product description:


1. The appearance and size are the same as ordinary sockets
2. Wiring is also the same as ordinary sockets, it can be used with the connection of two wites.
3. The USB interface of this product is capable of charging any kind of digital products
4. Compatible with iphone Charging
5. A three-plug power outlet is suitable to different power plugs of various countries
6. This product is propitious to hotel, restaurant, home, public places, etc... For the convenience of customers in charging digital products.

1 Appearance and the same size as an ordinary socket
2. The wire is the same as with ordinary socket
3 Product USB interface can be charged to any kind of digital products
Compatible with iPhone 4. Charge
5. The three-prong plug outlet power plug for different countries
6. This product is beneficial to hotels, restaurants, homes, public places, to facilitate customers to digital products charge.