Waterproof wristwatch GPS positioning | GPS Locator | Tracker | Electronic compass | altimeter | thermometer

Waterproof wristwatch GPS positioning | GPS Locator | Tracker | Electronic compass | altimeter | thermometer

Product description:

All The Way GPS Tracker Water-resistant Sport Watch Black – Integrated Version

TOP Version Outdoor GPS Watch Compass & Automatic Readier Black


The overall feeling is good with powerful function; the battery is durable, manual input is not bad, either. The navigation can be located precisely, while e-compass can be corrected anytime.

Especially the function of reset, other watches can never be available. While the watch appears abnormal, it gets back to original state, and it has recording 20 points track function, as well as connection to PC and itinerary can be saved, as well as sharing with other traveling hoppers.

20 points storage function, show track on the map by using software (software included) in computer.



All the way




About US SIRF III chip

Function & Trait

It displays distance, storage, records longitude and latitude; the manual input can be used to determine longitude and latitude, displaying sea level, current velocity, temperature and e-compass, etc.


Long standby with easy operation, and waterproof in 30 meter deep water

Net Weight





Lithium ion L1-12B battery with 8 hours working GPS purpose; Continuous working 5 months non-stop


Watch; Charger; Manual; Software CD-Rom




1. Altimeter: The altitude of the current location

2. Speedometer: Show the current speed

3. Thermometer: The local temperature

4. Compass: The compass precision to 1 degree. (New)

5. Distance and point to: Show that you want to return to the land of direction and distance. (New)

6. Automatic readier: Global 24 time zones automatic time setting. (New)

7. Though the computer software check to the longitude and latitude, input watch, can show to the location of the distance and direction. (New)

8. Show the longitude and latitude for record data and for help

9. The track record of input into the computer software will map walking a track; can be labeled with friends share.

10. Navigation: Shows direction and distance (Example: if you stored the camping site position to your GPS watch before you hiking, backpacking, canoeing. when you return to camping site, your watch will show you the distance and direction between you and the camping site. )

Vogue appearance; simple operation; rich function and practical



`Longitude and latitude



`Automatic readier

`GPS navigation

`Storage track map markers

`Input longitude and latitude navigation

Package Included:

`1 x GPS Watch

`1 x AC Charger (USB port and outlet)

`1 x User's Manual