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A-60 hearing | Elderly hearing aid | sound amplifiers

A-60 hearing | Elderly hearing aid | sound amplifiers
  • A-60 hearing | Elderly hearing aid | sound amplifiers
Product code: 18666400001
Unit price: 170 CNY  (24.71 USD)
Price unit: Per piece
Minimum order:
Other info: 18KG
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It has the same easy to adjust sound control button and on and off switch as.
But it has been redesigned and improved.
The latest developed Lithium battery technology is now available in an excellent inexpensive hearing aid that is both affordable and superior to hearing aids commonly available.
This is a brand new revolutionary rechargeable in the ear hearing aid system.
You no longer have to pay the price to replace expensive hearing aid batteries again & again.... Your hearing aid can be recharged over and over again at virtually no cost.
This is a truly green hearing aid..... Which means no batteries end up in the trash... No more trips to the store to buy more..... No more running out of batteries for your hearing aid.
Thank you very much for buying the hearing aid. When you watch movie, enjoy the drama, attend meeting, or have classes.
the product can help you to hear the sound clearly and loudly. While in forest.
if you want to hear very slight sound, it will be a good choice.
1. Max sound output: 129 ± 4dB
2. Sound gain: 58dB ± 5dB
3. Total harmonic wave distortion: ≤5%
4. Frequency range: 450-3500Hz
5. Input noise: ≤30dB
6. Built-in lithium battery
7. Current: ≤4mA
Package Contents
1 unit of ear sound amplifier
1 Chargers
1 instruction manual
4 units of earplug of different size
Please do not use the computer charge.
Please do not charge more than 6hours.
Important notes
1. Do not throw the waste hearing aid in fire. Do not use the hearing aid in high temperature.
2. Dismantle and change different battery.
3. If any strange smell or over heat is found, stop using it.
4. Do not use water or organic detergent to clean the hearing aid. Notallowed to put it in water.
5. With the on & off switch, it is energy saving at the furthest.
6. If do not use it for a long time, fully charge the battery before maintenance.
A-60 hearing aids for the elderly hearing aid sound amplifier