Jewelry appraisal | Magnifier 10X18mm-20X12mm

Jewelry appraisal | Magnifier 10X18mm-20X12mm

Product description:

10x20x Dual Jewelers Eye Loupe Magnifying Magnifier gem


This loupe has dual magnification power: 20X & 10X

The lens size of the 20x is 12 mm (20x -12mm)

The lens size of the 10x is 18 mm (10x -18mm)

Lenses are made with glass, not plastic

Comes with protective case

Weight: 72g

Great for inspecting gems; stamps; diamonds; jewelries and more!

Package included:

1 x loupe

Product Name: Dual Lens Magnifier

The product has two zoom lenses, a magnification of 20 times and 10 times

20 times lens size : 12mm

10 times lens size : 18mm

Lenses made ​​of glass

weight: 72 grams