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ssyp kettle humidifier | Silent Ultrasonic ion | Mini | Humidifier

ssyp kettle humidifier | Silent Ultrasonic ion | Mini | Humidifier
  • ssyp kettle humidifier | Silent Ultrasonic ion | Mini | Humidifier
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Other info: 54KG
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If you are looking for the air humidifier to solve the problem that your house becomes dryer. This Car Anion Mist Ultrasonic Air Humidifier is right for you. Air humidifier reduces skin and respiratory problems caused by a lack of moisture in the air. You run your air conditioner in the summer, your heater in the winter, and all year your house becomes dry and uncomfortable. This air humidifier with quiet operation and large amount humidity output change your room's air quality. Add moisture with this ultrasonic humidifier to your room help your breathing easy and relief some of the harmful effects from the dry air. It can also help plants. So take this mist air humidifier home immediately!


  • Atomizer using imported no water column technology to enhance protection and easier cleaning
  • Simple and stylish; and loaded with colorful LED soft light; for any indoor place
  • Brand new anion humidifier
  • Increases the humidity of the indoor space in winter to reduce static electricity hazard
  • Add into the water several drops of perfumed toilet water, it can drive away the mosquitoes
  • Can be placed near the computer in order to get rid of the static electricity and reduce harmful radiation
  • Water power-off protection
  • Medical class ultrasonic atomization
  • Intermittent atomization fort the most comfortable humidity 45%-65% RH
  • Super energy saving, low carbon


  • Material: ABS
  • Maximum humidification volume: about 120ml/ h
  • Operating input voltage: AC100V-240V
  • Color: Random Color

This machine is a prcision instrument. Please do not disassemble . And continuous wetting time is about 6~8 hours. Recommend to use pure water, and when not in use for long-term , please empty the water tank first.

Package include:

  • 1 x Anion humidifier
  • 1 x Power supply