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5mw 10mw 20mw Optical fiber fault locators BOB-VFL650-2S

5mw 10mw 20mw Optical fiber fault locators BOB-VFL650-2S
  • 5mw 10mw 20mw Optical fiber fault locators BOB-VFL650-2S
  • 5mw 10mw 20mw Optical fiber fault locators BOB-VFL650-2S
  • 5mw 10mw 20mw Optical fiber fault locators BOB-VFL650-2S
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5mw 10mw 20mw Optical fiber fault locators BOB-VFL650-2S

This Pentype VFL is specially designed for field personnel who need an efficient and economical tool for fiber tracing, fiber routing and continuity checking in optical networks. It finds breakpoints, poor connections, bending or cracking in fiber optic cables; and it can find faults in an OTDR dead zone and is used for end-to-end visual fiber identification.


1. Quantum well LD light source

2. 2.5mm Universal Interface

3. Always, flash, slow flash 3 modes of operation

4. Constant Power Output

5. Aluminum housing, durable

6. Nano-technology, multi-static protection

7. Protection device with optical port

8. Pen design, easy to carry and use

9. Protective circle, 360-degree rotation protection switch button

10. Through fiber-coupled optical power guarantee

11. 8 hours 50 °C high temperature testing before delivery

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Central wavelength


Fiber Type


Output power





Laser Range





Optical connector

2.5mm universal connector, for 1.25mm connectors, FC (Male) -LC. (Female) convertor can be provided on request

Power supply

2 AA alkaline batteries

Case Material


Operating temperature

-20°C to 60°C

Storage temperature

-40°C to 85°C


190 x 25mm


126g (without battery)

Method of use:

1. screw the end cap from the pen, the battery will be prepared into the pen, battery cathode to the end cap, the positive on the pen body is positive; (note: please do not turn pen and pencil tail into the battery)
2. put the pen and pencil body connection installed, open the dust cap, press the control switch one time, observe the interface has a red light, luminous tube on at the same time; (note don't eyes were light interface, so as not to damage the eye)
3. press the control switch again, observe the light into a pulse mode, the indicator light- emitting tube and out of sync pulse light; (pulse frequency in 2-3 hz or 9 hz)
4. press the control switch again, light source closed, no light output, at the same time indicator light pipe out; (switch mode to: continuous - pulse - closed - continuous cycle mode)
5. when detecting insert tested optical fiber optical interface, press the control switch at the same time, choose the output light work mode (continuous or pulse) ;
6. after use, build the dust cap, do not use for a long time, please take out the battery, in order to avoid battery rot, damage the light source.

Maintenance and matters needing attention:

1. laser and harmful, especially to pay attention to protect the eyes, when laser works, avoid direct laser eyes;
2. in generally, the higher the temperature, the shorter the life of laser, when used to avoid high temperature working environment;
3. the work of laser optical fiber head should be clean;
4. When used, the optical interface and the interface needs to detect light and light pull plug;
5. don't use the light source, would you please put dust cap to avoid dust fall;
6. should remove the battery when not in use;
7. please do not remove the end cap and any part of the dust cap, remove shall not be responsible for damage caused.

Company information:

Bob LASER CO. , LTD is a factory specialized in laser sight and a series of laser products. Our products has safe quality and competitive price and complete after-sale service system .

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