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Striped T-shirt | shirt T Shirt Cotton Spring Slim Elastic long Sleeve O-Neck

Striped T-shirt | shirt T Shirt Cotton Spring Slim Elastic long Sleeve O-Neck
  • Striped T-shirt | shirt T Shirt Cotton Spring Slim Elastic long Sleeve O-Neck
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Women's long-sleeved striped T-shirt bottoming shirt

size: one size

Color: Ivory (white), flower beige (gray)

1), the quality problem:
A; fabrics are obvious holes; obvious stains staining;
B, or so obvious asymmetry (except for style reasons), such as pants in size, have the length and so on.;
C, zipper damage.
2), the following does not belong to quality problems:
1, who do not affect the wearing of small flaws do not belong to quality problems;
2, the odor problem (some fabric will go through special treatment may have some odor, generally over the water will eliminate);
3, in pictures some color (color deviation will be shooting; each brand and model of the display will be different; different personal settings);
4, slightly jumper, take the wire, fading and other small flaws also not firmly sewn buttons, fall off, the thread did not handle clean like (after all, this is not a brand counters clothing; some small problem; if self-handle as much as possible to assist the process; because the two sides return shipping each pay half of the oh!);
5, light-colored fabric on the micro-dirty (the production of sales and transportation process may take);
6, commodity lack of tag or tags to be cut off (Foreign end of a single lot is cut the subject, please note) There outward processing storage of each trademark logo will be different; sometimes pictures with on site Trademarks are not the same; the actual subject to receipt;
7, the fabric is good or bad or transparent degree (not standard; can not determine good or bad; please understanding);
8, degree of thickness of clothing and other (each region; everyone is not the same as the thickness of standard heart; unable to determine; please understanding);
9, clothes size and product descriptions gap (clothing sizes presence of an appropriate bias is within the normal range, the inevitable);
10, the garment fabric and pictures have differences (between the production of each batch of goods; sometimes ordered less than the previous batch of the same cloth; please with actual goods shall prevail);
11, on the other buyers did not expect the upper body good condition (please do not like and unsuitable for the reason to return).
Imagine the difference for commodities buyers, the buyer values ​​the commodity in itself whether the material goods buyers like these are not a quality problem.
If the buyer of goods demanding, we can not accept the color and slight imperfections Buy carefully!

No quality problems of goods, can not be returned. There are quality goods, can be exchanged
Commercial Property
Package Size 20 * 20 * 2cm
weight 400g