LED Fluorescence Illumination for microscope Blue\Green\Royal Blue\Violet\UV

LED Fluorescence Illumination for microscope Blue\Green\Royal Blue\Violet\UV

Product description:


LED Fluorescence Illumination MF-LED

MF-LED series fluorescence illumination features with built-in color LEDs to provide a new possibility for laboratory fluorescence microscope. By the illumination you can easily upgrade a conventional infinity upright microscope to fluorescence functional. The modular, energy-saving, high-efficiency LED light source can make your microscope to a easy operating, long working life and high efficiency epi-fluorescence microscope with low cost.

WHO pointed LED fluorescence microscope as the most suitable microscope for TB diagnostic. It makes fluorescence illumination in LED module widely used in clinical especially for immunofluorescence and microbiology.

Benefits of MF-LED Series LED fluorescence illumination

  • Longer working life than mercury.

  • Reliable single color excitation group optional in blue, green, Royal blue and UV.

  • High light intensity offers high contrast fluorescence.

  • Save time without preheating and cooling waiting.

  • Easy to operate with no needs of optical path adjustment.

Matched microscopes

  • Olympus CX22, CX31, CX41, BX43, etc

  • Nikon E100, E200, etc

  • Leica DM500, DM700

  • Zeiss PrimoStar

  • Motic BA series

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Application examples:

TB diagnostic ( (Immunofluorescence Assays, especially single color Royal Blue excitation)

Recommend Fluorescein Application


Excitation filter wavelength

Suitable Fluorescein



DAPI / Hoechst 33342&33258 / AMCA/ AMCA-X / Alexa 350



GFP / EGFP / FITC / Alexa 488 / Cy2@ / Fluo-4 / FluorX@ / Fluoro-Jade



PI / EB / EH



Special for TB Diagnostic

Parameters :

Data Sheet of MF-LED fluorescence illumination
ModeLED lighting central wavelengthExcitation filterDichroic mirrorEmission filter
Blue (MF-B-LED) 475nm 460-490nm) 500nm) 510nm
Royal Blue (MF-RB-LED) 450nm420-480nm) 500nm) 510nm
Green (MF-G-LED) 530nm 510-550nm ) 570nm) 590nm
UV (MF-UV-LED) 365nm330-380nm) 400nm) 420nm
Violet (MF-V-LED) 405nm395-415nm) 420nm) 440nm