Epi-fluorescent Microscope MF30

Epi-fluorescent Microscope MF30

Product description:


Epi-fluorescent Microscope MF30

MF30 is in mode of Epi-fluorescent microscope. It is applicable to fluorescent microscope imaging and transmission field observation. The microscope has infinity plan achromatic fluorescent objectives and wide field eyepiece. It can present clear full-field, high contrast fluorescent images. It is an ideal instrument for the researches of biology, cytology, oncology, genetics and immunology, etc; and widely used in the laboratories of universities, institutes, hospitals and epidemic prevention departments, etc.

Optical system of MF30 fluorescent microscope:

Epi-fluorescent microscope MF30 employs infinity-corrected optical system which can make sure to get excellent resolution and definition and increase the system flexibility.

Frame of MF30 fluorescent microscope:

The frame design of MF30 is beautiful in shape, easy to use and ergonomic. The base is relative small to make sure the operator can be in a comfortable position during operating it. Meanwhile, the frequent operating devices are arranged in a more centralized position to reduce fatigue of the operator. The easy-operate coaxial coarse focusing mechanism and adjustable elastic coarse adjustment knob enable everyone operate the fluorescent microscope in a most comfortable condition.

Recommend application sample

FISH technology, Fluorescence in Situ Hybridization

Parameters :

EyepieceWide field WF10X (Φ20mm)
ObjectiveInfinity plan achromatic objective PL 4X/ 0.10
Infinity plan achromatic objective PL 10X/ 0.25
Infinity plan achromatic objective PL 40X/ 0.65 (spring)
Infinity plan achromatic objective PL 100X/ 1.25 (Spring, oil)
Observation tubeTrinocular, Inclination of 30°.
Epi-fluorescent illumination systemPower supply unit, 110V or 220V can be selected.
Mercury lamp is 100W/ DC
Turnplate Epi-fluorescent illuminator (UV.V.B.G filters system)
Fluorescent filter group B, excitation wavelength: 420~485nm
Fluorescent filter group G, excitation wavelength: 460~550nm
Fluorescent filter group UV, excitation wavelength: 330~400nm
Fluorescent filter group V, excitation wavelength: 395~415nm
Focusing systemCoaxial coarse/ fine focus system, with tension adjustable and limit stopper, minimum division of fine focusing: 2μm.
NosepieceQuadruple (Fixed nosepiece with backward inclined)
StageDouble layer mechanical stage (Size: 210mmX140mm, moving range: 75mmX50mm)
Transmitted illumination systemAbbe condenser NA. 1.25 up and down adjustable
Blue filter and frosted glass
6V 30W halogen lamp, adjustable brightness

MF30 Fluorescent Microscope Optional Accessories:

EyepieceGraduated eyepiece (FN: 20mm) 0.10mm/ Div
ObjectiveInfinity plan achromatic objective 20X/ 0.40
Observation tube Binocular, inclined 30°.
NosepieceQuintuple (Fixed nosepiece with backward inclined)
FilterGreen filter
Yellow filter
Phase contrast unitEyepieceCentering telescope
ObjectivesPhase contrast plan achromatic 10X/ 0.25 PHP
Phase contrast plan achromatic 20X/ 0.40 PHP
Phase contrast plan achromatic 40X/ 0.65 PHP (spring)
Phase contrast plan achromatic 100X/ 1.25 PHP (spring, oil)
(PH-Ⅰ) Turnplate phase contrast condenser
(PH-Ⅱ) Turnplate phase contrast condenser
Flashboard phase contrast condenser
Pull board phase contrast condenser
Digital cameraMD10/20/30/50/90
Camera adapterCANON (EF) NIKON ( F)
Digital adapter0.35X / 0.5X/ 1X/ 0.5X with divided scale, 0.1mm/ Div

Optional Microscope Cameras for Fluorescent Microscope Imaging
ModeMain SpecificationsFeatures
MC20-N1.4MP color CCD camera, 2/3' Sony ICX285AQ CCDHigh sensitivity, low noise, fast, comparative to cooled camera
MC201.4MP color CCD camera, 2/3'SONY ICX285 CCDHigh sensitivity to weak fluorescence
MC505.0MP color CCD camera, 2/3' Sony ICX282 Progressive Scan Interline CCDHigh resolution, cooling mode optional
MD50-T5.0MP color CMOS cameraHigh resolution, sensitivity, fast frame rate, USB2.0& USB3.0
MD303.0MP color CMOS cameraHigh clarity, cost effective, stable
MD50 5.0MP color CMOS cameraHigh resolution, cost effective, stable