Fluorescence Stereo microscope MZX81

Fluorescence Stereo microscope MZX81

Product description:


Fluorescence Stereomicroscope MZX81

MZX81 is a fluorescence stereomicroscope with modular epi-fluorescence setup, the epi-fluorescence system is in LED illumination. On the basis of excellent performance SZX7 stereo microscope, MSHOT add independently design LED fluorescence illumination on it, to make the stereo microscope functional on fluorescence observation. There are blue and green two colors excitation group to meet clients needs, it's excellent for in-vivo imaging, nematode, drosophila, zebrafish and embryo fluorescence research. And widely used in biomedicine, industry checking, criminal investigation, mineral research , etc.

Compare to mercury lamp. LED fluorescence illumination are benefits:

  • Specified excitation wavelength sufficiently excite fluorescence sample.

  • Without UV damage to users.

  • 50000 hours long working life LED light source, it's 250 times by mercury lamp.

  • No warm up and waiting for cooling, in time switch-on to use.

  • Well done optical performance, no need to adjust light path.

  • Small and convenience to move.

  • Light intensity is controlled to avoid from fluorescence quenching.

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Application ranges:

It's widely used in bioluminescence imaging such as C-elegance, drosophila, xenopus and zebrafish.

  • Biomedical and gene study, such as GFP labeled drosophilia and roe.

  • Agriculture economy such as GFP labeled seed screening and transgenic seed screening.

  • Matrial science and criminal justice such as sulphorhodamine B florescent observation and signature identification.

  • Petroleum and rock mineral study.

Parameters :

EyepiecesSWF 10X , F.N. 22.
Observation tubeSZX-TR30 lead-free observation head
Trinocular, 30° inclination light path mode: eyepiece 100%, photography 80%, eyepiece 20%
Zoom systemZoom radio: 7: 1 (0.8*~5.6*)
Magnification times calibration: 0.811.251.622.53.2455.6;
Screw fixed objective mode
0.5 X, 0.75 X, 1.25 X, 1.5 X, 2.0 X (Optional)
Magnification times8X - 56X
Working distance90mm
BaseSZ2-ST standard base, with fluorescence plate M-FL
Transmitted fluorescence accessories SZ2-ILA, H-150 (optional)
LED epi-fluorescence illumination MXZ-BG-LED
LED light sourceCentral wavelength 475nmCentral wavelength 530nm
Excitation filter460-490nm510-550nm
Dichroic mirror) 500nm) 570nm
Emission filter) 510nm) 590nm

Optional fluorescent illumination MZX-GFP-G-LED

Excitation cube

Special for GFP


Excitation filter



45º Dichroic mirror

) 505nm

) 570nm

Emission filter


) 590nm