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HC9020FKN4H filter | PALL Pall hydraulic oil filter

HC9020FKN4H filter | PALL Pall hydraulic oil filter
  • HC9020FKN4H filter | PALL Pall hydraulic oil filter
Product code: 1861600001
Unit price: 100-120 CNY
Reference price: 14.53-17.43 USD
Minimum order:
Other info: Per piece
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Material glass fiber Filter Type Folded filter use Oil impurities
Scope filter Suitable oil Types of Efficient
Brand Pall / Pall Operating temperature 80 (℃) Maximum working pressure 0.35 (MPa)
Filtration accuracy 6 Caliber 84 (mm) performance Acid, alkali, high temperature, low temperature, anti-static
Raw water pressure 1.6 (KG / c ㎡) filter area 0.8 model HC9020FKN4H
specification HC9020FKN4H flow 100 Accuracy 6
medium General hydraulic oil
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product description

    • product information
    • product number : HC9020FKN4H
    • Product media : General hydraulic oil hydraulic oil emulsion Phosphate water - have been diol
    • Precision products : 6 m (can be customized according to customer demand)
    • Product flow : 120 L / Min
    • product material : glass fiber
    • Product packaging : Neutral packing box packing
    • Invoice type : 17% VAT
    • Shipping method : Debon logistics or courier

Filter characteristics:

1, good filter performance, filtration 2-200um uniform particle size may play a surface filtration performance.
2, corrosion resistance, heat resistance, pressure resistance, good abrasion resistance;
3, filter pore uniform, accurate filtering accuracy;
4, hydraulic filters for a variety of environments; can be reused after cleaning, replace free.

: 0373-2678239 15090316524
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Product Image
  • HC9020FKN4H PALL Pall hydraulic oil filter

  • HC9020FKN4H replace imported hydraulic oil filter

Company Profile
  • I. Introduction:
    Xinxiang City, east into Filter Co., Ltd. is a set of filter elements, filtration equipment research, development, production and sales in one of the modern enterprise. The company specializes in producing filter, filter, filtration equipment, and hydraulic components. Our company has advanced filters production lines and sophisticated detection equipment, first-class R & D team, professional technical team, high efficient sales network, and has a sound service system.
    Second, the product description:
    Main products are series of hydraulic filters, lubricating oil filter series, air compressor series, air filter series, water filter element series, import substitution filter series, Dawn hydraulic oil filter series. My company to develop and produce a variety of types filters and filtration equipment sets. In the production process, strict implementation of ISO, DIN, IDF and 3A industry standard manufacturing, quality meet GMP standards. ripe for the use of imported filter exchange
    PALL (Pall) Company filter, filter series.
    HYDAC (HYDAC) Company filter, filter series.
    MAHLE (Marla) Company filter, filter series.
    PARKER (Parker) Company filter, filter series.
    ARGO (Jager) Company filter, filter series.
    FILTREC (Futuris) Company filter, filter series.
    STAUFF (Stauff) Company filter, filter series.
    VICKERS (Vickers) Company filter, filter series.
    EPPENSTEINER (EPE) Company filter, filter series.
    TAISEI KOGYO (large green) Company filter, filter series.
    INTERNORMEN (INTERNORMEN) Company filter, filter series.
    Filter series, more than 500 well-known foreign brand filter company's products because of our efforts, so we are more professional. Alternative product performance and effect can be comparable to imported products, it has been the majority of users and research institutes in the selection and approval.

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Pall series filter models

HC2296KFP14H50 east into the East into the filter filter HC2296KFP14H100 HC2206FKP3H filter HC2196FKN4H50 HC2296FKN14H50 HC2216FKS6H east into the East into the filter HC2296FKN14H100 east into the East into the filter filter HC2207FDP3H HC2216FKT6H HC2196FKS4H50 east into the East into the filter filter HC2296FKS14H50 HC2296FKS14H100

HC2206FKN3H east into the East into the filter filter HC2217FDP14H HC2196FKT4H50 filter HC2296FKT36H100 HC2206FKP8H HC2296FKT36H50 east into the East into the filter HC2233FKP10H east into the East into the filter filter HC2246FKP6H50 HC2196FKP4H100 HC2226FKN6H100 east into the East into the filter filter HC2206FKN8H HC2233FKN10H HC2246FKN6H50 east into the East into the filter filter HC2196FKN4H100 HC2226FKS6H100

HC2196FKS6H100 east into the East into the filter filter HC2246FKT6H100 HC2216FKN4H filter HC2246FKT10H50 HC2196FKT6H100 HC2233FKP13H east into the East into the filter HC2246FKP10H100 east into the East into the filter filter HC2217FDT4H HC2233FKN13H HC2286FKP12H50 east into the East into the filter filter HC2226FKP4H100 HC2246FKN10H100

HC2216FKS4H east into the East into the filter filter HC2237FDT13H HC2286FKN12H50 filter HC2246FKS10H100 HC2216FKT4H HC2226FKN4H100 east into the East into the filter HC2233FKS13H east into the East into the filter filter HC2286FKS12H50 HC2226FKS4H100 HC2246FKT10H100 east into the East into the filter filter HC2217FDP6H HC2233FKT13H HC2286FKT12H50 east into the East into the filter filter HC2226FKT4H100 HC2286FKP12H100

HC2216FKP6H east into the East into the filter filter HC2226FKP6H100 HC2286FKN12H100

HC2216FKN6H east into the East into the filter filter HC2286FKS12H100 HC2286FKT12H100

HC2235FKN10 east into the East into the filter filter HC2235FKN15 HC2235FKN6 HC2235FKP10 East into the filter HC2235FKP15 HC2235FKP6 HC2235FKS10HC2235FKS15 HC2235FKS6 HC2235FKT10 HC2226FKS6H50 East into the filter

Pall filter HC2296FKS18H50 East into the filter HC4704FKP16H HC4754FKP16H Pall hydraulic oil filter cartridge HC6200FKT4Hpall HC8304FKN16H East into the filter cartridge filter HC8400FKS16H HC8314FKN16Hpall hydraulic oil filter HC8900FDS26H HC8900FKS26H filter cartridge HC8900FKT39H replace imported filter HC8904FKN16H

HC8904FKS39H dawn HC9021FDP8H Pall filter cartridge HC9100FKZ8Z HYDAC filter HC9404FKS39H Marla HC9600FKN8H Song of Solomon filter cartridge filter HC9600FKN16HEPE HC9600FKN13H emerald green filter cartridge HC9604FKS13H large HC9800FKN8H

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    Depending on the product model range, can not be released one by one, one by one, can not be described in detail, specific product information, please contact our hotline: 15090316524
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    We default logistics cargo release are: Debon logistics default courier is: If you need other logistics Cathay Express courier goods, you can call or Want a message we will notify the customer first Want:! Dclq2011