Deep v-collar double breasted contrast dress

Deep v-collar double breasted contrast dress

Product description:

Item specifics

Size (Women: M
Size (Women: M
Brand: Free People
Size (Women: M
Size Type: Regular
Size (Women's) : M

Flexible: Yes
Fabric: Polyester
Lining: no
Zipper: No
Other accessories / attachments: None
Color: Blue
Size: Free
Length: 76CM Bust: 82CM-90CM Shoulder Width: 38CM-39CM

White collar and hem the white stripes

Feeling a little silver hue due to the effect of gloss

The blue part of the light changes, sometimes the sense of the color of the blue lake

Regardless of a design color or fabric texture simple charming dress

Length 81cm

Collar width 21cm

Bust 81-96cm

Waist 71-76cm

Hip 86-96cm

Sweep 91-101cm

䙓 under the white collar with white stripes

Gloss effect is also felt a bit of silver tones

Blue parts under the light of the occasional sense of color Lake blue

Regardless of the design is a charming dress color or fabric texture is not simple