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SPL-32C binoculars mesh-type oil filters | spl filter manufacturer

SPL-32C binoculars mesh-type oil filters | spl filter manufacturer
  • SPL-32C binoculars mesh-type oil filters | spl filter manufacturer
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Brand East into the filter model SPL-32C principle Pressure Filter
use Oil impurities style Network type performance Sophisticated filters
Suitable lubricating oil Suitable for nature Low-temperature materials Media type fiber
Filter Type Tubular Body Material stainless steel Scope Water treatment, chemical, petroleum, metallurgy, mineral processing
Effective filtration area 0.8 (m2) Dimensions 120 (mm) Weight 20 (Kg)
specification SPL-32C flow 8 Accuracy 118
medium lubricating oil

SPL-32C filter Binocular mesh filter type filter lubricating oil filter manufacturers dedicated power plant filter Duplex filters

East into the filter net oil filters for binoculars fold Lubrication oil station lubricating And diesel fuel filtration, filtered oil-insoluble dirt to keep clean of oil, according to the conditions of use on other occasions.

SPL-32 East into the filter mesh fold binoculars oil filter consists of housing, filter components, conversion and valve body component parts. SPL-32 housing material is cast aluminum Alloy, oil filter consists of two filter chamber and the valve chamber composed of a transition, there are oil channel communicating, on the outside of the body cavity with two pairs of converting oil inlet, oil inlet on the lower, connected by a method lan and external tubing, two sewage hole each having a filter chamber equipped with a drain plug at the bottom, and for the discharge of dirty oil. is a fixed filter, flange equipped with bolt holes on the housing for mounting. Its installation method; D- an overhead. C- side-mounted. B- Wall-mounted .

Each filter assembly consists of a filter cover, folding mesh filter, etc., cover the top with purge valve filter, air filter cavity for discharge.

Conversion cone body is made from cast alloy, grinding with the valve hole, cast up and down two oil passages hole on the valve body oil path hole through one end of the chamber above the oil filter, through the filter outlet end, under the oil passage One end of the filter cavity through the hole, one end of the filter through imports, when the switching valve quickly go from one extreme position to another extreme position, the valve will close via a filter chamber, and the passage of another filter chamber is opened, then the pressure Oil imports from the filter cartridge into the chamber, cleaning the oil through the filter filtered through the top of the oil flow from the outlet chamber is reached the oil filtration purpose. arrow pointing to convert valve shaft head cartridge chamber turned aside.

Filter brands: East into


stainless steel

Filter Type

Folded filter


Oil impurities




lubricating oil

Types of



East into the filter



Operating temperature

95 (℃)

Maximum working pressure

0.35 (MPa)

Filtration accuracy

10 microns


32 (mm)

filter area

0.2 square meters

SPL-32C binoculars mesh type filter product physical display map:

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