Bamboo fiber double warm pants | women's autumn and winter plus thick velvet leggings pantyhose - black

Bamboo fiber double warm pants | women's autumn and winter plus thick velvet leggings pantyhose - black

Product description:

Item specifics

Bottoms Size (Men's): free size
Style: Thermal
Brand: Fashion Bug
Bottoms Size (Women's): XS
Size Type: Regular

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Bamboo Charcoal Fiber Double-deck Warm Trousers Leggings Thickened Plus Velvet Autumn / Winter

# Condition: 100% brand new and high quality
# Brand: VICKER
# Materials: outer layer: velvet; Inner layer: bamboo charcoal fiber 70%; chinlon 30%
# Apply to: female
# Color: black, as shown in pictures
# Size: free size; fits for most people; stature 150-175cm
# Length: 85cm, Hip circumference 80-130cm
# Weight: 190g
# Packing in: 1 piece
# Softness and comfortable fabric
# Seemless body fitness, highlight your fit curve
# Clear texture, thick cloth and good elasticity

# Sweat-absorbent, good breathability
# Sanding process; feel gentle; good flexibility and more comfort
The effect of Bamboo Charcoal Fiber:
1. Natural antibacterial, natural deodorant
Bamboo fiber is a unique material - bamboo Kun ', it has natural antibacterial, anti mite, deodorization, insect prevention function Repeated washing, after sun, can still keep their original activity, antibacterial ability of other textile materials by the incomparable..
2. Moisture absorption and perspiration
In all fiber, bamboo fiber absorption wet permeability and is best, be expert praise for breathable fiber towel ', long used the sweat has no peculiar smell.
3. Anti ultraviolet
bamboo fiber ultraviolet penetration rate is 6/10000, UV resistant capacity is 41.7 times the cotton, bamboo fiber without any free of charge, antistatic, stopping itching.
4. Soft and comfortable, no static electricity generation
Bamboo fiber products Cool in summer and warm in winter, and can rid the body of excess heat and moisture bright color, softer than cotton, good ventilation property, water absorption is 1.5 times the cotton products;. Bamboo fiber does not generate static electricity; the touch like a sponge, delicate, smooth.
5. Easy to wash; easy to dry; strong decontamination
Bamboo fiber decontamination capability, wipe the oil (including oil, shoe polish), stains, perspiration without any washing supplies, clear water to wipe wipe-clean, nondestructive, leave no trace.
@ Excellent quality, delicate craftwork.
@ Cute and Charming, a good gift to pamper yourself or for your friends.
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