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Cotton anti emptied lace leggings thirds | White

Cotton anti emptied lace leggings thirds | White
  • Cotton anti emptied lace leggings thirds | White
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Women's Girls Sexy Lace Short Leggings Pants Safety Pants White


Ingredients: ice yarn

Specification: 1 foot 8-2 feet 4 waist can be worn

Length: 32CM

Condition: Brand new

Stylish stretchy lace style leggings

Close-fitting design, shows off your fantastic figure

Unique style, makes you much more charming

Easy to fit your clothes

Very soft and comfortable to wear

Elegance and simplicity design, a casual wear

Colour: white

SKU: 901959-B14-06-02

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Package Included:

1 x Lace Legging

Shiyao called ice silk?

Ice silk is a knitted apparel fabrics, which is composed of 70% viscose filament yarn and 30% nylon filament made using post and twisting.
After weaving wet process, it has produced a sharp contraction of thermoplastic polyamide component adhesive is fully exposed on the surface, so that the internal hydrophobic outer hydrophilic.
With this yarn woven into clothing, wearing a cool, so there 'ice silk' he said.
Ice silk called rayon. Viscose. Viscose filament yarn.

In several mainstream fiber ice silk moisture content most physiological requirements of human skin having a smooth cool. Breathable. Antistatic. Colorful and so on. Of course, summer is hot, no Yiyi can not withstand the temperature of the sun '

Ice silk essence have cotton. Quality is authentic ecological silk fibers derived from natural rather than natural '

Fabric: stretch silk ice pilling
Length; 3 points

Baby Fabric: Ice silk

Baby Size: Size elastic good general body can wear hip recommendations within 100CM...

Baby Size: not the kind of transparency that oh, is impervious fleshy section is very positive Oh so you either do not be afraid to wear shorts and short skirts Oh emptied.

Broad-brimmed lace design would not be Le, 3 minutes to design more suitable for summer

For a variety of dressing mix, it is worth having wild fashion leggings Oh!

!-Way stretch material with high-grade artificial cotton made up at the same time were about to pull the four directions have flexibility; comfortable; breathable!

Ingredients: Ice silk

Specifications: Waist 1 foot 8-2 feet 4 can wear

Long pants: 32CM

Features: comfort; workmanship; soft; strong scalability; anti-scratch hook; seasons; elegant color and delicate without affectation; bring magnificent visual effects; create slim legs regardless proud! is able with or elegant evening dress or wearing a gorgeous dress; fashion experience can bring unparalleled; you can only spend a small price instant icing on the cake for the legs; enhance self charm index is the best choice for the beauty of women! It will be the first to have!

SKU: 901959-B14-06-02