SPL-50X SPL-50C binoculars mesh filter

SPL-50X SPL-50C binoculars mesh filter

Product description:

Brand East into the filter model SPL-50 principle Pressure Filter
use Oil impurities style Drum performance High efficiency filter, anti-static
Suitable lubricating oil Suitable for nature Weak corrosive Media type fiber
Filter Type Drum Body Material stainless steel Scope Chemical, oil, filters
Effective filtration area 54 (m2) Dimensions 120 (mm) Weight 20 (Kg)
specification SPL-50X, SPL-50C filter area 50 Filtration accuracy 118
Maximum working pressure 0.8

SPL-50X filter SPL-50C binoculars mesh filter mesh type filter mesh filter round

East into the filter SPL-50X binoculars filter cartridge

East into the filter SPL, DPL type mesh-type oil filters for a variety of types of filter marine and land use diesel oil, fuel oil and other lubrication systems as well as used in petroleum, electric power, chemical and other industries.
East into the filter mesh type oil filter into binoculars series SPL and DPL monocular series, the product and reliable operation, easy maintenance, no other power source, the filter element is made of a metal mesh filter with high strength, through the oil capacity, ensure filtering accuracy, ease of cleaning, etc., SPL binoculars series can achieve non-stop conversion and cleaning in the host during operation.

Note: ① maximum operating temperature of not more than 95 ℃; ② maximum operating pressure is less than 0.8MPa;

③ filter cleaning pressure drop is not greater than 0.15MPa; ④ according to the user using the occasion, with a stainless steel housing

SPL-50X filter cartridge Products Figure:

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