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special anti-counterfeiting printing 008

special anti-counterfeiting printing 008
  • special anti-counterfeiting printing 008
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Widely used in in any industry.
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Guangdong, China (Mainland)
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Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details: Be packed in OPP bags, nylon bags in our company's dedicated cardboard boxes or pack according to client's requirements.
Delivery Detail: Delivery is about 3-25 working days after receiving the payment.

All products:

1. Laser anti-counterfeiting label

2. Hologram anti-counterfeiting label

3. Self-adhesive anti-counterfeiting label

4. Laser anti-counterfeiting label

5. Fiber paper anti-counterfeiting label

6. Anti-counterfeiting tamper proof laser sticker

7. Laser anti-counterfeiting label

8. Anti-counterfeiting printing

9. Chracter-left-behind anti-counterfeiting

10. Holographic anti-counterfeiting label

11. Void tamper evident hologram label

12. Adhesive easy damaged hologram sticker

13. (Water disappear anti-counterfeiting) Hologram label

14. Discoloration anti-counterfeiting printing

15. Temperature anti-counterfeiting printing

16. Hologram positioning hot stamping anti-counterfeiting printing

17. Special anti-counterfeiting printing

18. Rolled texture and hot stamping anti-counterfeiting printing

19. Comprehensive security label

20.3D anti-counterfeiting label

21. Gas ticket anti-counterfeiting printing

22. Lottery anti-counterfeiting printing

23. Ticket anti-counterfeiting printing

24. Negotiable securities anti-counterfeiting

25. Complicated security label

26. Safety line anti-counterfeiting

27. True 3D anti-counterfeiting label

28. Certificate anti-counterfeiting label

29. Ticket anti-counterfeiting printing

30. Hologram anti-counterfeiting label

31. Gravure latent image anti-counterfeiting

32. Gravure anti-counterfeiting printing

33. The background of intaglio printing

34. Hologram hot stamping anti-counterfeiting label

35. Gravure microfilm anti-counterfeiting printing

36. Security hang tags

37. Anti-counterfeiting scratch off card

38. Anti-counterfeiting watermark certificate

39. Holograhic anti-counterfeiting label

40. Encryption anti-counterfeiting printing

41. Laser hot stamping anti-counterfeiting sticker

42. Hologram dish sticker anti-counterfeiting printing

43. Preferential coupon anti-counterfeiting printing

44. Negotiable securities anti-counterfeiting printing

45. Invisible logo anti-counterfeiting printing

46. UV fiber paper anti-counterfeiting printing

47. Running number anti-counterfeiting label

48. Variable date printing

49. Comprehensive security label

50. Discoloration bar code anti-counterfeiting printing

51. Invisible bar code anti-counterfeiting label

52. Nuclear pore anti-counterfeiting label

53. Scrartch off hologram label

54. Scratch the film anti-counterfeiting

55.3D grating encryption anti-counterfeiting printing

56. Hologram anti-counterfeiting label

57. Double channel hologram anti-counterfeiting

58. Barcode anti-counterfeiting

59. Packaging sealing strip anti-counterfeiting

60. Multi-channels holographic anti-counterfeiting label

61. Paper texture anti-counterfeiting label

62. Large hologram anti-counterfeiting

63. Low-frequency holographic anti-counterfeiting

64. Reflection holographic anti-counterfeiting

65. Light holographic anti-counterfeiting label

66. Pixel holographic anti-counterfeiting

67. Rotating holographic anti-counterfeiting

68. Dynamic holographic anti-counterfeiting

69. Changing holographic anti-counterfeiting

70. Multi-layer and multi-color holographic anti-counterfeiting label

71. Security sealed label

72. PVC anti-counterfeiting

73. Hot stamping material anti-counterfeiting

74. Multi-layers hologram sticker

75. Reflection hologram anti-counterfeiting

76. Security sealed strip anti-counterfeiting

77. Demetallization effect hologram label

78. Anti-counterfeiting wine label

79.3D photoecting anti-counterfeiting

80. Warranty security seal stickers

81. Anti-copy Certificate

82. Void security label

83. Microtext security sticker

84. Microtext laser sticker

85. Hologram anti-counterfeiting label

86.2D/ 3D hologram anti-counterfeiting

87. Hot stamping anti-counterfeiting label

88. Holographic sticker

89. Void anti-counterfeiting label

90. ID card overlay hologram anti-counterfeiting sticker

91. Hologram hot stamping coupon

92. Security certificate

93. Silver embossing foil printing ticket

94. Hot stamping and texture ant-counterfeiting printing

95. Hologram hot stamping film anti-counterfeiting printing

96. Holographic image anti-counterfeiting

97. True color hologram anti-counterfeiting

98. Discount ticket anti-counterfeiting printing

99. Rolled hologram anti-counterfeiting label

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