Wrangler new multifunctional fishing box back legs lift Taiwan fishing box fishing tackle fishing supplies fish umbrella stand barrel

Wrangler new multifunctional fishing box back legs lift Taiwan fishing box fishing tackle fishing supplies fish umbrella stand barrel

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Cold Capacity: 3 times (including) -4 times (including)
  • Brand: Wrangler
  • Capacity: 21L (including) -30L (including)
  • Are malls the same paragraph: No
  • Weight: 6kg (including) -8kg (inclusive)
  • Fishing Box Type: Hard Fishing Box
  • Product Number: wh3600
  • Color Classification: 138 yuan empty containers (do not send small fishing box) 3600 no ordinary disk full disk packs 3600 packs 3600 no ordinary disk + umbrella stand + holder + box 3600 3600 box full disk full disk + + + full tank oxygen pump 3600 magnetic disk bait box + 3600 + tools layer bait tray full magnetic layer + tools + single box + oxygen pump 3600 3600 night fishing light night fishing lamp + single box + 3600 tools oxygen pump oxygen pump layer + + Yediao blue Throne blue Throne empty + normal pull bait tray blue Throne + full magnetic pull bait tray blue Throne blue Throne A basic section A, paragraph B, paragraph Deluxe blue Throne blue Throne single night fishing lamp single paragraph B layer night fishing light + blue Throne oxygen pump with paragraph C, paragraph C tool layer blue Throne tool belt layer + oxygen pump blue Throne D models with blue light night fishing tool layer + Throne D models with tool layer + night fishing light + oxygen pump
  • Price tag: 1099
  • made in China
  • Sports & Outdoors items: Fishing
  • Time to market: Spring 2014
  • Size: 52
  • material: plastic
  • Whether with backrest: Yes
  • Whether with telescopic legs: Yes
  • Price range: 501-1000 yuan

Something that is reflected inside the small fishing box size can accommodate the amount of the film, if necessary, may consult the customer service product inside another purchase.

  • Design Update
  • 1. Four lifting the foot - for any terrain 2.Increased by rotatable - adjustable posture support
  • 3.Oxygen pump insertion port - all the way to ensure that fresh fish is eligible 4.Disc drag bait bezel design - to prevent shaking, relaxed tone bait
  • 5. Ultralight crash reinforcement design - Easy to carry 6. environmentally friendly materials - fish is eligible please be safe to eat!
  • 7. Add toolkit layer, heightening unlimited, infinite space increased.

138 empty containers is not a small fishing distribution boxes, small boxes color random distribution of fishing, catch me after what color photographed, please be sure to leave a message customer service, or in the order notes, WH3600 fishing box White, blue, green , red; Throne Fishing Box White, blue, green!!! Pro who took no notes of color, WH3600 fishing box here unity white hair. Throne made in accordance with the color of the picture. Note: The fishing box seat packages on the picture is not send, such as the need to buy another.