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AIR ZOOM cushion insole thickening sports insoles cushioning men and women inflatable damping basketball shoes football running soft

AIR ZOOM cushion insole thickening sports insoles cushioning men and women inflatable damping basketball shoes football running soft
Product code: 1852600030
Unit price 3.17$
Sold quantity 13340
Available stock 21097

Product parameters:

  • Time to market: Winter 2015
  • Brand: Ashpika
  • Item No .: 878458151
  • Color: new XS (36 to 37 shoe size) / double new S (38 to 39 shoe size) / double new M (40 to 41 shoe size) / double new L (42 to 43 shoes) / double new XL 44 to 45 shoes code) / double new (43 to 44 shoe size) / double new (45 to 46 shoe size) / double
  • Size: other sizes

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2016 annual celebration activities began! 1 double reduction postage activities rules (shoot 1, which is a double) as follows:

Photographed a pair of the insoles of the customer, Hong Kong, Macao and overseas area Not 包邮.

Other mainland regions are participating in a double 包邮 activities.

Hair EMS, Shun Feng postage please contact online customer service staff.

This week the new air cushion insoles, the original price of 27 yuan, and now discounted 19.8 yuan. Newer than the old models more comfortable. Special only this week.

The internal is high nylon fiber shock absorption, not shoddy memory sponge cushioning.

product name : ZOOM AIR sports insoles

Product specifications : Double (Note: take one, both a pair of this product can not be cut.)

Product maintenance : Can be washed with water, cool dry place.

Suitable range : Playing basketball, playing football, playing badminton, running and other daily activities.

For people : Professional athletes, sports enthusiasts, students, office workers, the elderly, walking pain patients.

product description : Soft cushioning cushion, across the times in the air cushion to add nylon fiber tension rebound damping technology, making a pair of sports insoles have more than the general shock absorption shock effect.

Manager reviews : Sports enthusiasts soft air cushion insoles, he is characterized by a strong increase in the flexibility of the soles of the movement, but also provide high-quality shock absorption rebound effect. You can make, for example, the same thickness of the cushion insole, the product can be multiplied by twice the effect. Currently, Fake goods on the market is very much , Insole pad filled with space memory sponge, you can really say that this shock effect to play 5 fold. Therefore, the user must be carefully identified before buying.

Expert reviews : Indeed, the use of an ultra-light air cushion technology, air-cushion made with this technology is widely used in a variety of basketball shoes, running shoes and training shoes above Is the market in the shock absorber insoles in the wise choice.